Life’s A Bitch Then You Write










Writing tips for aspiring authors

We are all familiar with the saying ‘life’s a bitch then you die’. But what may seem like a hard time to you may be interesting writing fodder. Have your life experiences changed you? If so, in what way? 


Dr Frankenstein

When it comes to writing, we all have experiences we can use. Remember how you felt when you were let down, heartbroken  or steaming drunk. When is the last time you felt really alive? When was the last time you were really angry, I mean red mist angry. Invoke those passions and keep the fires stoked! Your characters are going to be living, breathing people and you must know them inside out. Think of yourself as a modern-day Dr Frankenstein, creating new life. Write full descriptions of your characters and include everything you can possibly think of including food allergies, favourite music, phobias, health problems and complexities.



Non fiction sounds easier but it’s not. I have found writing about myself incredibly difficult at times. It’s akin to hearing your own voice played back to you. It makes you want to cringe. Stepping away from myself has made it easier, and mentally observing myself as a third-party is something I have had to master. Writing about family members is equally difficult. I have caught my husband looking over my shoulder many a time complaining about my portrayal of him, (sorry if I haven’t compared you to Bruce Willis just yet hun). I have now implemented a strict no shoulder rule which is working well, and preserving tender egos. 


Get Paranoid

If you have truly led a blessed life and been brought up in some beautiful paradise where you have been happy every day of your life then never fear, I have some ideas for you (by the way, I don’t believe you are human). I’ve already mentioned people watching in a earlier post. Public transport, coffee shops, and even supermarkets are great places to observe all forms of human life. Don’t observe in public toilets though, that’s not good noooooo. Buy a movie soundtrack. My favourite is ‘Batman Begins’ by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. The music is dark, powerful and moving. Play it, stick the headphones in, and go for a walk. Before you know it you will start getting paranoid. Even the crows in the trees will take on new meaning as you feel their eyes on you. Of course if you are writing a romantic novel then you may choose to listen to something a bit lighter! What is all boils down to is GET CREATIVE. The more you open yourself to the possibilities, the more you will notice.


How do you develop your characters? Are you writing your life story? How does your ego cope when it comes to writing about yourself? Please share your comments and ideas below, we would love to hear from you.


My little disclaimer: Please note my blogs are advice only, do with it as you wish. Quite often I recommend products I enjoy, I have no connection with the company and do not make any commissions for recommending them.

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