I’m Haunted Not Crazy


It’s funny what goes through your head when you are plunged head first into the paranormal. First there comes denial. My house is haunted? It just can’t be true, this sort of thing doesn’t happen to people like us. Then you try to rationalise it. There must be a rational explanation, right?

Life of Their Own

Experiencing full on paranormal is the equivalent to being slapped in the face by a wet fish (metaphorically speaking, of course). It’s a ‘what the hell was that?’ moment.  Believe me, I know. It’s how I felt the day I came home to the chaos which descended my home. I walked in to my kitchen after a hard day at work to find half my crockery destroyed and everyday household objects taking on a life of their own.

You try to rationalise it but you can’t. You search your brain for answers, but after a while it goes into ‘I can’t comprehend this so don’t ask me’ mode. In rolls the foggy, confused feeling, then at last…clarity. It must be paranormal. You develop an uneasy acceptance, and your brain whirrs back into action, although it still wags its finger at you that it will keep looking for the elusive ‘rational explanation’ along the way.


Paranormal Week

So why are victims of the paranormal treated so badly? A recent example is the “This Morning” daytime TV programme. They held a ‘Paranormal Week’ special. It was accompanied by the usual green lights, fog, creepy music and of course ‘mwahh ha ha haaa’ noise in the background. It’s such a great idea I think they should do that for all their interviews, you know, car crash noises in the background for victims of motorway pile ups, screaming noises for victims of assault…no? A tad insensitive perhaps?

So the interview begins, and the presenter stifles a snigger as he asks the victim to recount their experiences. You have the paranormal investigator on one side, the sceptic the other, and the victim clearly uncomfortable, recounting their experiences in a quiet voice while looking at the floor. The interview always ends with the sceptic announcing it’s all a load of rubbish, that they must have been ‘dreaming’ or such like and the injuries are self inflicted. The presenter raises an eyebrow to the camera that speaks volumes. The interesting thing is, they ran a poll and over 80% of people rang in to say they believed in the paranormal.


The Supernatural

I don’t expect everyone to believe me. I found it hard to believe at the beginning, so I get that. What I don’t understand is why some people go out of their way to be so abusive. Thankfully I have discovered that for every person that just wants to abuse you for being brave enough to ‘come out,’ there are a lot more that want to support you. I truly believe there are a vast amount of people that believe in the supernatural, it’s just not publicised. Some are victims of it, and some people actively seek it. Others are just open minded and respectful of your views. This is a world I never expected to be part of. I never asked for any of this, and I’m not crazy. It’s not a joke, hoax or money making scam…I mean really?


Voyage Of Discovery

It’s not all bad. Now I find myself in this position, I am meeting interesting people, am on a voyage of discovery, and looking at the world in a whole new way. I have been through some pretty terrifying experiences, and there have been times when it’s been downright comical.  I don’t know for sure what’s going to happen next, but it’s important to retain a sense of positivity.  I know there is life after death and although the prospect of meeting our paranormal entity chills me to the bone, I also know there is a loving and beautiful presence out there, as I have felt that too. So if sharing our story with the world gets me labelled as crazy by the small minded then bring it on, as I’ve faced much worse than them and come out the other side.


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