Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who Ya Gonna Call?


Picture the scene, you come home and your house has been trashed. You hear smashing sounds coming from the kitchen, yet you know there is nobody in there. You cautiously open the door and a cup is thrown in your direction. A knife is embedded in the cupboard. The attacks progress into physical, yet your attacker is unknown. Scratches cause your skin to bleed. The abuse escalates, as you are physically punched and kicked. Then the fires begin. You need help fast, so who do you call?


Sustained Attacks

Naturally many people would say call the police. You call. They can’t help you, what next? Friends and family? Unless they see it for themselves, they don’t believe you. You feel helpless and alone.


Victims of Crime

We are talking about paranormal attack. You see, we know how this feels as it happened to us. Why are victims of paranormal attack treated so differently to regular victims of crime? You wouldn’t say to a robbery victim “Sorry, without seeing it myself I don’t believe you.”  Steps would be taken to protect them, and find the offender. Their family and friends would sympathise and gather around them. Why so different with paranormal attack?


Common Decency

We know there are lots of people who have closed minds and choose to label victims of paranormal attack as ‘mad’ rather than take their opinions on board. I’m not saying they should change their belief system, that’s up to them. But when someone asks for help, surely it’s common decency to listen?  Unfortunately there are no ‘Ghost Busters’ you can call, who will dispose of your entity in a neat little box. Believe me, so many times I wish there was! So who do you call?


The Top Ten

  1. The Police. They are not equipped to deal with paranormal attack. More often than not, they will attend and update it as a mental health incident. If the activity is happening there and then, it may help to have witnesses, but to be fair, what can the police actually do?
  2. Spiritualist Church. Your local Spiritualist church may be a better bet. They can advise on local mediums. You can find their details in your phone book or online. Personally I found them to be very nice people, but they were not able to do a lot for us.
  3. Mediums. They come in all shapes and sizes, and be prepared as some may not want to help you. This could be because they don’t know what they are doing, or because they are scared to put themselves in a vulnerable position with an unknown entity.
  4. The Church. We spent a lot of time speaking to various churches and denominations. I was very shocked by the attitude of some priests, and was treated quite badly by some, despite being a member of their church. Others were more open minded and attended our home. We had several exorcisms, which seemed to slow it down, but did not stop it.
  5. Paranormal Investigators. We spent a lot of time searching for investigators. Again, some flatly refused to attend, even though they could hear the crashing and banging in the background. I found this quizzical but kept trying. Some just want to cash in on your story and won’t care about you, or ridding you of the entity.  You must be careful who you allow in your home. You are probably in a very vulnerable state, and people can take advantage of this. Don’t agree to practices you are unhappy with. We were very lucky to eventually find professional help.
  6. Your Doctor. This may seem like an odd suggestion, but although they can’t help with the paranormal they can help by prescribing help for depression if the attacks are prolonged. This will leave you in a better state of mind to help fight whatever is troubling you.
  7. Friends and Family. Be prepared, not all of your friends and family will understand or sympathise. It’s true what they say, you really do know who your friends are at a time like this. Your true friends may be able to help by letting you stay with them if you need to, or taking in any pets affected temporarily.
  8. TV and Press. When you have had time to collect yourself, and if it’s something you want to try then by all means go for it. It can be an interesting experience and you are helping others by getting your story out there. However, if you feel you have been badly affected then I wouldn’t advise it. It can feel like a circus, everybody going through your home, and it is very intrusive when you are already feeling very vulnerable. Not all press are scrupulous either, and they may distort your story. Please be careful and take your time. We are writing a book and getting our story out there, but it has taken me several years to get to the point where I am comfortable with it.
  9. Witches. Yes they do exist in this day and age, and are far more plentiful than people know. There are good and bad witches, and to be honest it is not something I have ever been involved in. If you know and trust someone, they may attend and perform a ‘smudging ritual.’ I believe there are smudging kits you can buy yourself online. Again, only go with people you trust and don’t agree to anything you are not happy with.
  10. YOU. We have been through years of paranormal intrusion and I found that our reaction towards it was a major factor. They are a form of energy. Your emotions and feelings also transmit energy, and that can be positive or negative. The more powerful entities appear to feed from fear and anxiety.  If something small happens, ignore it. Don’t discuss it and try to carry on with your day. If the incidents are too big to ignore then it may be safer to take a break and stay elsewhere if you can, until things calm down. Don’t make any big decisions, (such as selling your home) in the early stages. Spend time with positive helpful people, try to keep your life as normal as possible and don’t give the entity your focus. People may label your problem, such as ‘Demon’ or ‘Poltergeist’ which may make it appear more frightening, but my advice is to just look upon it as energy. Be careful not to give it too much of an identity. Remember, you are not alone. Don’t let it take over your life. Remain strong and positive, and you will get through it.


My little disclaimer: This blog is based on our opinion only, given our personal experiences with the Paranormal. We are a normal family, and not members of any health profession.  We welcome emails and strive to answer them within 48 hours. We welcome all comments, but no bullying or abuse please.


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