The Dangers Of Using Ouija Boards

The Dangers of Using Ouija Boards

We have been plagued by a paranormal entity for several years now. In the beginning, we wracked our brains trying to understand why the entity chose us. My husband confided that as a young man, he and his friends conducted countless Ouija board sessions. They stopped when one session ended badly, frightening them half to death. The dangers of using ouija boards should always be at the front of any user’s mind. I hope that by reading this blog you will see why dabbling with Ouija boards are a very bad idea.


Harshly Criticised

While Ouija users may believe the paranormal is responsible for the communications, such beliefs are harshly criticised by members of the scientific community. Tests have been conducted which have proved fruitless. However I know from personal experience that entities do not usually engage when it comes to tests.


Demonic Possession

In my understanding, many of the entities attracted to such a portal can be low-level earth-bound entities. Once you invite such entities into your life it is very difficult, if not impossible to close the door. It’s not the board itself that causes the problems. After all, it is just a piece of board. It’s the energy that surrounds it, and its use in the wrong hands that can have devastating consequences. If you must go ahead and ignore the warnings, here are some precautions you should take.



  1. Never use the Ouija board alone. The movie ‘The Exorcist’ is based on a young girl being possessed by a demon after using a Ouija board alone. The movie itself was fiction, but the novel by William Peter Blatty was based on a true case of possession.
  2. Never use the Ouija board in your home. This is the place where you sleep, relax and spend time with family. Do you really want to risk opening up your home and family members to attack?
  3. Do not believe everything you are told during a session. Such entities are telepathic and can be notorious liars. Having said that, do not try to bait a reaction or be disrespectful in your communications. It is not appropriate and may backfire.
  4. Open and close each session properly. Ask for protection from your spirit guides, we all have one. If you are feeling depressed or low, you may end up attracting negative energy.
  5. Light white candles. This will help you gauge the activity. Whatever happens, ensure you close the session at the end. Recite a closing declaration such as “Thank you. We are sending the spirits back to where they came from and we are closing the door.


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My little disclaimer: this blog is provided for information only. It is based on our personal opinions and research on the subject. We cannot be held responsible for any distress caused by the use of Ouija boards. Our advice is to steer well clear!

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