A True Haunting by Edwin Becker

True Haunting features the story of a young couple who purchased a house in the seventies, which later resulted in the first ever recorded exorcism, filmed and televised by NBC in 1971. More recently, this story was documented in an eposode of Syfy channel’s Paranormal Witness, in an episode titled ‘The Tenants’ which continues to be aired on television.

Grizzly Past

There may be little sympathy for victims of paranormal attack currently, but back in the seventies it was a whole lot worse. Edwin Becker and his young wife Marsha were really on their own. Unknown to them when they purchased their house, it had a very grizzly past. The house was built by the Verdere family in the 1900 and had been family owned ever since. That is, until Edwin Becker purchased it. The house was soaked in an atmosphere full of rage, abuse, violence and death. Neighbours spoke of a suicide and several members of the family died there.


Negative Atmosphere

The couple took on tenants to help pay the bills. Edwin and Marsha were woken by the chilling sounds of a woman’s screams, shouting, arguing, and loud banging noises on a regular basis. At first they believed the source of the noise to be their tenants. They were wrong. The disturbances became worse, when household objects took on a life of their own, and family pets ran away in terror. Unable to cope with the occurrences, the tenants moved out. They were replaced by Edwin’s sister, who unfortunately made things worse due to her fascination with the supernatural. The negative atmosphere in the house took its toll on the occupants of the house, while Edwin made some interesting discoveries.


Edwin struggled to find help as the church turned him away, after earlier attempts to cleanse the house ended in disaster.Help was offered by Tom Valentine, along with psychic Joseph DeLouise, who attended with Reverend William Derl-Davis. Events were filmed by sympathetic Chicago journalist, Carole Simpson and her nervous NBC team. Sadly, the entities were too strong and Edwin and his wife had no choice but to give away their home and move elsewhere.

The Book

I found this a very gripping read from start to finish, and read the book in two days.  It is written and published by Edwin himself, and I liked his informal style. The plot is fast paced, and you cannot help feel sorry for the people involved in this case. Shortly after reading the book we contacted Edwin to speak with him about our own case. He was a very genuine, sympathetic man and I have no doubt this story is true. If you are interested in reading about the paranormal, or true life stories then I recommend this book. It is very reasonably priced and can be purchased on Amazon. It is also available for kindle.


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True Haunting







Have you read ‘A True Haunting?’ please leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you.


Credits: Many thanks to Youtube and Edwin Becker for picture and video content.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with a True Haunting, and make no commissions, I left this review as I enjoyed the book and I hope you do too.

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