Table Tipping – Communicating With Spirit

Table Tipping (also known as table turning) is a less known method of speaking with spirit compared to Ouija boards, but can be an interesting method of contact in the correct circumstances.


Modern Spiritualism first reached Europe from America in the winter of 1852–1853. The most popular method of consulting the spirits was for several persons to sit round a table, with their hands resting on it, and wait for the table to move. This method was often challenged by skeptics, who claimed  the movements of the table were due to a physical force emanating from the bodies of the sitters.

Our Experiences

We experienced table tipping first hand, albeit unplanned. Our table activity began with knocks, bangs and movements. It escalated into levitation and the screws being loosened and tightened by themselves.  We then communicated, using the rule of one knock for yes and two for no. We received some very interesting answers to our questions this way, although the exercise often had to be abandoned due to the level of activity. The most interesting thing about this activity is that it occurred while we were in the pub. But that’s another story. For those of you that are new to it, we recommend you begin in a quieted room.

How To Table Tip

Start by sitting at a suitable table. Round tables seem the most conductive and most people prefer reasonably lightweight ones, although we have experienced activity with heavy tables, depending on the strength of the activity. Candles can be lit if you prefer, and the room must be quiet and free from distractions. A group of open minded people between two and six are recommended.

The most psychic/sensitive person in the group should speak first, and carry out a prayer for protection on the group. Group members should then sit or stand and place their hands lightly on the table. You can touch fingers if you prefer. The group leader can invite contact by asking for a response by knocking on the table, one for yes and two for no.


Don’t be disappointed if you do not receive any answer. Table tipping doesn’t always have a high success rate. Personally I do not recommend invoking any form of communication. I have voiced this in my previous post with regards Ouija boards. So why do I post about it? Well, I prefer people to make informed choices. If you are going to invoke communication, be safe, always ask for protection, carry out your method away from where you live, work with a group you trust, and if you do get responses, do not always believe what they tell you.


Do you have a story to tell? Have you experienced communications through table tipping? We welcome all comments.


My little disclaimer: I do not take personal responsibility for the results of any communications with spirit I’m afraid, this blog is for information only. 

Credits: Wikipedia, Picture: Creative Commons.


  1. I have witnessed this and I am a believer. My story is long but one hundred percent pure.I am reluctant to write but this experience took place years ago,some I have forgotten but some is still very clear and stunning.This was during the mid 60’s to early 70’s..My age was like ten up until I was 17..We had a real experience, it took me a while to believe it but it became very clear.A reporter even wrote about this particular table and created different ways to communicate with this female spirit that died in America in the years around the Civil War.


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