EVP – Voices From Beyond

White Noise


EVP recordings, also known as electronic voice phenomena, continue to be the source of fascination for those interested in the paranormal. Thanks to the onset of technology, you don’t need any special equipment to record it. You can use a voice recorder, answering machine, or even your phone. Sound quality can vary from hazy background noises to full-blown ‘voice’ recordings, with clear and distinct messages.


Growls, Moans and Threats

We experienced this phenomena first hand, when my husband Neil purchased a cheap hand-held voice recorder. We recorded dozens of clear, distinct and frightening messages, growls, moans and threats. Can it happen? Yes. But a word of warning, be careful what you wish for. EVP recordings can be very disturbing, and it is hard to rid your memory of the sounds once you listen (particularly in the dead of night).


Lesli Flint

Voices From Nowhere

Such phenomena can present itself in many forms. One of the most famous Psychics of the sixties was Leslie Flint. He was histories most scientifically tested medium, and not once was he ever exposed as a fraud. He was one of the few genuine physical mediums that could manifest the voices of spirits in the same séance room as he was in.


Séance Room

So why bring up a case from the sixties when there is so much current information on the web? Because (apart from our personal experiences) it seems the most authentic. Scientists tried everything they could to disprove Leslie Flint. They taped his mouth shut after filling it with water, tied his arms and legs to the chair he was sitting on, they put microphones on his voice box to see if he was using ventriloquism, and put him in a sound proof dome, with microphones either side. Not one scientist could prove where the voices were coming from. Many ‘dead’ famous people came through to talk to Flint, and the people in the séance room. Some would claim these recordings are the worlds best EVP recordings. They are not just a silent word or two, they are whole conversations. To find out more and hear the recordings for yourself click below.

Leslie Flint

To download these recordings click on the links below or you can just read some of the conversations below.


The archbishop of Canterbury

Oscar Wilde

Elizabeth fry talks about leaders on the other side

Sir Oliver lodge on the direct voice phenomenon

Chopin still composes

You can find more about these communications HERE

Mahatma Gandhi

The voice said:

“Death is something which in your world is taboo! People are afraid to mention the word. They do not like to think about it. They run away from it. It is something they are afraid of because they know deep down in their hearts that it is a reality they must face eventually, and they are afraid of it because they are knowing deep down in themselves they are not fully prepared for it. They know so little about it and they are afraid to find out. Fear dominates the hearts and minds of man. And we know that, unless something is done about this before it is too late, the disastrous consequences are so tremendous that one hardly dares to think about it.

Today your world stands on the bridge as it were of destruction. Anytime that bridge, which is in itself so unreliable that it is doubtful if it will sustain the weight that is placed upon it, because man himself, unconsciously, and in some ways consciously, has brought into being such a condition of confusion, such a condition of hatred and intolerance.

We on this side for a long time have striven to build between our world and yours a bridge whereby man could climb to heights and find that peace which your world could not give. We know that it is only in this truth, only in this realisation of communication between the so-called dead and the living, there lies the salvation of your world.

All history repeats itself. History shows that the very foundation of man’s happiness is in the knowledge and the realisation of the life that is to come. The Earth life is but the training ground. It is but the school in which man must learn the lesson, which will, in consequence, give him the opportunity to inherit the Kingdom of the living Father.

Why is it that there is so much fear in your world? Because man has not learnt the path.

There is only one real path. It is the path of the spirit, and there are few people who follow that path. There are some who profess it, there are some who endeavour it, but there are few who succeed in it, because they cannot forget themselves.

The first lesson one must learn is to forget oneself, to give out in love all that is possible from within yourself, and it shall be returned to you. These things that Christ spoke about, and all the great teachers, all the great philosophers down through the ages was that man should forget himself, so that in return he might find himself.

When you lose yourself in a sea of love, then indeed do you find that you lap against the shores. It is as if you cast yourself in the cleansing power of the eternal sea of love. And you do not become drowned, but you become, as it were, lifted up, buoyed up by it, and you are carried by it. And in consequence your work then begins. And many a shore you may be cast upon, and you will enable others to find that which you have found.”

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde came through in the same facetious and sarcastic manner for which he was known whilst on Earth. At first it was not clear who was talking. When Mrs. Greene asked for his name the voice answered:

“My name got me into a great deal of trouble when I was on your side!”

Mr.Woods (one of flints mediums) then interjected: “When we play these tapes to other people, you see, they ask who it is.”

Wilde: “You can tell them it is Colonel Bogey!”

When he revealed his name finally, George Woods asked: “Mr.Wilde can you tell something of your life on the Other Side? What are you doing?

Wilde: “I must admit it’s a relief to be asked to discuss one’s life over here, in preference to one’s life when on Earth, because in any case my life on Earth is pretty well known among the gossip-mongers! If I were to say to you that my life here is not unlike my life on Earth, you’d probably be very horrified! But it happens to be perfectly true, and I’ve no regrets about it whatsoever….. My reputation does not worry me, but it seems to worry a hell of a lot of people on your side! More money has been made out of my reputation since my death, than ever I was able to make out of my plays, which goes to say that sin is very successful!”

Laughter in the séance room.

Wilde then proposed to drop the flippancy and said: “This I do deliberately because there will always be people who’ll say ‘How do we know that this was Oscar Wilde?’ And so I’m expected to come back very much the same, with the same attitude towards life, and towards people, and to say the same sort of things, that would be expected of me.”

Woods: “Have you met Bernard Shaw on that side?”

Wilde: “Oh, I have met Shaw, of course I’ve met Shaw. What a man! Extraordinary character – brilliant, if rather – well, I’d better not say these things. I’m supposed to be to some extent developed!”

Woods: “You still write plays on that side?”

Wilde: “Oh, one still writes, one still continuous. Our world in some senses, as no doubt you have heard, is very similar to your Earth. We have all manner of scenery which you are accustomed to, even more beautiful. Nature as you know nature exists here, but the worser aspects, or the more irritant aspects of nature are non-existent to us. For instance, we don’t have the pests, such as flies, earwigs, and all the irritating things that nature concocts to annoy man. These things seem to have disappeared fortunately.

We seem to have all the beauty and loveliness of nature without the petty irritants. No more swatting flies! Oh, I used to know a woman once, who used to love sitting all the afternoon in a chair with a swatter, and she had a swatting afternoon! I often wonder what she must be doing here without a swatter, without the flies to swat! Oh, a long time ago, things have changed. Id look at London and hardly recognise it. Thank God, I lived before my time!”

More on Oscar Wilde’s communication

Green and woods are the mediums.

Woods: “Your books are very valuable in knowledge.”

Greene: “You see, Mr. Wilde you always had very open mind, didn’t you?”

Wilde: “My mind was always very wide open and, as you say, above the average. Can you tell me what the average is, and how open a mind should be? I was always ready to receive inspiration. Indeed I might say that my most successful works were due to the fact that I had an open mind and in consequence much that was poured through it of inspiration – er – which was highly successful, and I feel sure that if it were not for the fact that I was high-minded, you wouldn’t have had perhaps, some of the successful works that I was able to perform. But of course all this is a matter of dispute among many people. One man’s rat poison is another man’s meat!”

Betty Greene: Oh no! I think every writer is inspired from somewhere to a certain extent”

Wilde:”Oh, don’t take away our own personality, my dear, please! But I’m quite prepared to admit I van inspired. I was always an inspiring figure; in fact, now I’ve become almost awe-inspiring! Possibly because I’m dead!”

Laughter in the séance room.

Greene: “Mr. Wilde…”

Wilde: “You wish me to drop the flippancy and be serious? To be serious is often to be boring”

Greene: “No, no! That wouldn’t be you. Don’t drop it”

Wilde: “So many people, when on Earth, were so serious that they couldn’t fail to be utterly boring. I refuse to join such a gathering!”

Greene: “No, please don’t drop it, because it wouldn’t be you if you weren’t like that.”

Wilde: “This I do deliberately, because there will always be people who’ll say: ‘How do we know that this was Oscar Wilde?’ – And so I am expected to come back very much the same, with the same attitude towards life, and towards people, and to say the same sort of things that would be expected of me. So, for your sake, I do this because I know, poor dears, you’re struggling so desperately hard to convince. And if I can assist you to convince, then it may wipe out some of my blots!

– End of transcript –

What ever you believe on the subject, it is a fascinating one. Who knows where it will progress with the rate of technology. Could a gate way be opened between our world and the next? One thing is for sure, EVP recordings are a source of fascination for those with an interest in the paranormal.


Credits: Many thanks to UK Paranormal Tavern, YouTube, the Leslie Flint trust, and the above sites.

My little disclaimer: Sorry, but I cannot be held responsible for any distress caused by listening to these sounds, so don’t have nightmares!

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