Celebrity Ghost Stories

I was delighted to watch a programme on the Biography channel, titled ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’. This programme originally launched as American celebrities recounted their ghostly encounters. Famous people such as Joan Rivers, Tom Arnold, Loretta Lynn, Joan Collins, Mickey Rooney and Ozzy Osbourne appear, to name a few. It now airs with British celebrities, and makes fascinating viewing.


UK Celebs

In the UK version, celebs such as Edwina Currie, Yvette Fielding, Jan Leeming, Sue Cook, Nancy Sorrell and Toyah Wilcox speak of their brush with the paranormal. From ghostly footsteps to full-blown encounters, this programme documents fascinating accounts as given by notable actors, musicians, and personalities. It is encouraging that well known people are coming forward with their true experiences. 


Recent research reveals that a quarter of British adults – more than 11 million people, claim to have experienced paranormal occurrences. This figure has risen massively from just seven percent in the 1950’s and nineteen percent in 2003. The survey, conducted by skeptic Professor Wiseman, blames the rapid rise on exposure to paranormal programmes on TV. A breakdown of these figures are revealed in his ghost map of the UK. A total of 2,400 people took part in the survey held by Yougov.  

ghost map

Professor Wiseman argues that ghostly experiences are caused by a variety of factors, including suggestion, light effects, low-frequency sound, waking dreams, and anxiety, stating that people have a deep-seated need to believe the impossible. 

Our View

As victims of prolonged and powerful paranormal attack for over three years, I can whole heartedly disagree with Prof Wiseman’s statement. I am a serving police officer and our case has over thirty witnesses. The truth is out there, and we are very grateful to the fantastic people increasingly coming forward to tell their story. 

What do you think? Have you a story you would like to share? Comments are very welcome.


Credits: Many thanks to Biography Channel – Celebrity Ghost Stories / Professor Richard Wiseman / National Paranormal Association

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