Ghosts on CCTV

Supermarket CCTV has hit the headlines as reported incidents of paranormal activity are alleged to have been captured. The most recent cases of ghosts on CCTV have been reported in Kent, and another case in Adelaide, Australia.

Ghosts on CCTV 

This first clip shows staff viewing security footage apparently taken at the Whitstable Nutrition Centre. The YouTube clip shows a shopper browsing for food, when a box appears from the shelf behind him and floats in the air. Another box then falls to the floor, drawing his attention.


Unearthly Figure

The clip has attracted over 10,000 viewers since it’s release. Camera footage is notoriously hard to prove. Many argue that a suspicious black figure that can be seen at the end of the isles hanging around. However it’s safe to say if this was a prank, it would involve two people as items came from either side of the unsuspecting shopper. Others argue that the black figure has an unearthly appearance, and may be supernatural. It’s impossible to tell, without viewing the rest of the CCTV.


Adelaide Supermarket

The second clip features an interview with surprised staff at an ‘IGA’ supermarket in Brompton, Adelaide. Shop owner Norm Hurst states he was advised the shop was haunted when he purchased it, but ignored the claims, despite some strange occurrences. On the night in question, staff locked up and went home as usual. The footage later revealed a pack of roll ups being flung onto the floor. The interesting thing is, the Roll-Ups didn’t come from that shelf, they originated from a shelf on another aisle 12 metres away. The footage was captured from several camera angles which revealed there was nobody in the store.



Fact or Farce?

Has CCTV really captured ghostly paranormal activity? In our own experiences, such activity exists, however proving it is another thing. YouTube is awash with fake ‘footage’, yet I can’t help feeling these two cases may be genuine.


So what do you think? Comments and shares are most welcome. Follow our blog to be kept updated with the latest paranormal occurrences and more.

Credits: YouTube, users Nightghosthouse and Kay Brady.





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