Spooky Apps Bring Ghost Hunting to the Masses

Soon everybody can become a ghost hunter thanks to the steady stream of spooky apps being developed for the iphone. We look at five apps that claim to provide you with the ultimate ghost hunting experience.

Spirit Story Box App

1. Spirit Story Box

Created by ghost hunting man and wife team, Spirit Story Box is claimed to allow the spirit world to communicate with the living by translating supernatural electricity into English words from a pre-programmed vocabulary. Basically you ‘scan’ the room and it produces words. Like all of the apps listed here, it can be downloaded from the app store. It has mixed reviews.

thermal vision

2. Thermal Camera Free by Fingersoft

The makers claim you can ‘View world as it was viewed through thermal vision’, but if you scroll down into the description it states the app has no means to detect real temperature. It stimulates the colour theme of a thermal vision camera. Again, it has mixed ratings, (no doubt from the disgruntled customers who did not read the description).  It has the ability to take interesting photos and share with friends. The app is free to download.

ghost radar app

3. Ghost Radar Classic

There are a plethora of ‘Ghost Radar’ apps on the market, and this appears to be one of the most popular. This app, which is ‘designed to detect paranormal activity’ claims to set itself apart from the other apps by analysing the readings and giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made. Both free and paid for versions are available to download. Ratings have been positive, although most people use it for fun.

Ouija board app

4. Ouija Table

The app owners dramatically state, ‘Ouija Table is not a game! It is an app that detects electromagnetic field and strange signal recorded by the sensors of your devise and translates them into three real words.’ Hmmm, really?  This spooky app has received mixed reviews, and despite the owners claims, I would rate as entertainment purposes only.


5. Voice Record Pro

This app doesn’t make any wild claims, but it is very highly rated, and does exactly as described. It is a professional voice recorder, used by many ghost hunters for picking up sounds. Personally, I would say you would have more success with this than all the other apps put together. It allows you to record on site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality. Once saved, it provides you with many options, such as uploading to Facebook, saving to Google or Dropbox.

Have you used any of these apps? Do you have any other spooky apps to share on iPhone or Android? We would love to hear from you. Shares and comments most welcome. Please follow our blog for more interesting paranormal related news.

Credits: App creators as listed above. Pictures: Creative commons.

My little disclaimer: This blog is not connected to any of the above companies in any way, and we cannot be held responsible for any problems/issues encountered therein. As far as we can see, the ghost apps listed are for entertainment purposes only.

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