Q & A With Caroline Mitchell

I’ve had lots of questions over the past year so I thought it would be interesting to compile them all into a blog post. Many thanks to my site visitors for their interest.

Caroline Mitchell


Q. So what’s actually happened to you? You don’t go into a lot of detail on your site.

A. So much has happened over the last three years, it would take forever to explain. I’ve constantly had people approach me asking what’s happened to us. Writing a book seemed the best way of getting our story out there. I’ve spent a long time compiling all the evidence, and our book is called ‘Paranormal Intruder’.


Q. I want to read your book, where can I get a copy?

A. I’m thrilled with the positive response so far. I am going for the traditional publishing route, rather than self publishing so it takes longer to produce. I expect it to be published next year. I will update on my site as I get news, so be sure to sign up to my blog. Many thanks for all your enquiries with regards buying a copy. I will be running promotions on my site when the book comes out, and giving away signed copies.


Q. How has the response been so far?

A. I’ve had an amazing response from Agents so far, who have described my book as fascinating, thoroughly enjoyable, scary and well written. I have also submitted it to a select number of people who have described it as frightening and gripping. As it’s my first book, I’m thrilled with the response so far.


Q. Are you still a police officer? I thought the police were skeptical of this sort of thing.

A. Yes, I work full-time in the police. I’ve had several comments from followers on my Facebook and Twitter saying how refreshing it is to see a law enforcement official being so open-minded. I was skeptical at first, but so much has happened, I had no choice but to believe. Having said that, I don’t jump to conclusions that every odd occurrence  is paranormal.


Q. What sort of things happened to you?

A. I’m normally a laid back person and it takes a lot to frighten me. Initially when things started smashing in our home I was scared, but fascinated too. As time went on the activity escalated into physical attacks on my husband. Not knowing what we were dealing with was terrifying. The phone calls were endless and there was a constant presence in our home. Then the fires started. Things got so bad we had to move in with Neil’s parents. The source of the activity seemed to be with my husband everywhere he went. The most difficult thing was trying to carry on with normal life while all this was going on.


Q. Are you a writer?

A. I wasn’t before I started this, but I consider myself a writer now. It’s taken me a year to learn the process,and the mechanics of writing a book. I had to document my evidence, and put it in a format that made sense. I couldn’t include everything that occurred, there was just too much. I worked with Neil and together we choose the most relevant incidents and included them in the book. Working out the timeline was a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully Neil carried a voice recorder, and many of our conversations and nights out were taped, so the conversations in the book are accurate.


Q. Do you plan to write any more books after this one?

A. Yes. I often say to Neil that two good things have come out of this experience. One is that we know there is life after death, and the other is that I have discovered a real passion for writing. I have already begun writing my next book, which is fiction and written in the crime / paranormal genre. It’s very thrilling, and I’m really enjoying writing it as I’m able to use my experiences of crime and paranormal to produce it.


Q. What do you think of skeptics who say these things don’t exist?

A. I think a certain amount of skepticism is healthy, and people are entitled to their own opinion.


Q. What evidence have you?

A. I think my strongest evidence comes in the form of witnesses, and we have so many, including police officers and support staff. We have photos, voice recordings, and EVP of the entity itself. This will all be released at the same time as the book, as people need to read our story in order to understand the evidence. Having said that, this book is written from the point of view of a family that has been to hell and back. Our paranormal investigator captured a lot of evidence on our case, which is fascinating in itself.


Q. How are things now?

A. Things have been much better since the exorcism. Thankfully it’s manageable and the smaller things don’t bother me. I know it sounds weird, but after a while you almost get used to it. I don’t sleep with my foot sticking out of the bed a night though!


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