Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune

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Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune

This month has been amazing, as our story has been featured in this month’s November issue of ‘Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune’ magazine. My husband and I are featured on the front page under the title ‘Terrorised! Our house is a poltergeist’s playground.’ It then leads into a three page spread on pages 6, 7 and 8 and is titled ‘Nightmare in our new build – 999…send an exorcist’.



I hope our UK followers enjoy the story, although the headlines are quite sensationalist and not written in the style I would have chosen, it’s all true. The timeline of events is very condensed, but the writers have explained it’s difficult to do it any other way. This is the challenge I was faced with when writing our book, ‘Paranormal Intruder’ which documents our three-year experience with the paranormal.


The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge was documenting the vast amount of experiences, then trying to decide which ones to keep for the book and which ones to leave out. I just couldn’t put them all in, as a long list of incidents became more like a supernatural shopping list than an interesting story. I also wanted to show people how it affected us as a family, and we had many witnesses that I needed to include. I had to make it all gel together into a timeline that made sense. Sometimes I thought was just too much for people to take in, and it would have been so much easier to have left out the occurrences that I found hard to comprehend. It’s scary putting yourself out there, knowing there are people lining up to criticise you and call you crazy. But I knew I had to be true to the story and true to ourselves.


Bringing The Truth

Our book is written, and at the moment in the hands of several agents who are considering it. The road to publication is a slow and frustrating one, and I have had several rejections from agents telling me they are gripped by my story and absolutely loved it, but they just aren’t taking on new authors now as the market is very tough, particularly the paranormal genre. I have been tempted to self publish, but I have a strong feeling that this story needs to be made into a physical book, and on sale worldwide. I feel it’s very important to bring the truth to the masses. Going through an agent and getting a good publisher will help me do this.


A Very Big Thank You

In the meantime I am very grateful to my social media followers, Facebook and Twitter fans, we love you! Thank you for your support, which shows that yes, there is a market for the paranormal and people do want to hear our story.

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