Why I’m Excited and Delighted…

The Truman Show

Life is a funny old thing. A few years ago if someone tried to tell me I would be publishing a book on my true story of paranormal experiences I would have asked them what drugs they were taking. There are times I think I’m stuck in the weirdest dream, or an unsuspecting player in ‘The Truman Show‘. Actually I’ve had the ‘Truman Show’ theory for some time now. (Scriptwriters if you are watching can you stop getting so carried away please?)


Being Myself

I’ve written pretty standard blog posts until now as it’s been difficult to talk about what happened until our story came out in full. There is so much to tell, it would have been impossible to explain in one go. But now I’m excited, nervous and somewhat delighted as my book ‘Paranormal Intruder’ is being released this month!! The book has been edited, the design work is complete and it’s almost ready to rock and roll. I can’t wait for you to read it. And guess what my family will be getting for Christmas presents this year? OK maybe not the children, I don’t want to give them nightmares after all.


book launch, Publish my book on Amazon

Getting my story out there

This book launch is so important to me. I want people to know this sort of thing happens to ordinary people, just like you and me. Not to scare them, but in the hope of broadening their minds. The more people who are open to listen, the better chance victims have of getting help and not feeling so bloody alienated. It takes courage to share but c’mon, you have my permission. Share your stories with me. I promise I won’t let the trolls negative comments shoot you down. This site is not a democracy and I will delete any abusive comments. (I’m all up for a healthy debate but keep it civil please.)


Indie Author

I’m also excited to be an indie author. I had some terrific feedback from agents, but after a lot of thought I decided to self publish as I wanted full control of this book, and learning how to self publish is a massive learning curve that every author should go through at least once. I’m now writing my second book, and have a much better understanding of how it all works.


Watch This Space

I will update my blog as we get near the book launch, which will be very soon. If you write about / have experienced / or are interested in the paranormal then please feel free to share this post. You never know, it may reach out to someone. I’ve come in contact with lots of people who have shared stories with me, a normal mum who has experienced some very strange occurrences over the past few years. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported me to date, I don’t think I would have made it this far without you!


Credits: Photos creative commons and Caroline Mitchell.



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