Paranormal Book Launch


Paranormal Book Launch Day!

This has been a very eventful week, as our book ‘Paranormal Intruder’ launched on Amazon. I thought I would be really excited about the release but nerves took over and I found myself wondering if coming out with our story was such a good idea after all. When the book became live on Amazon it looked so amazing I forgot my worries and couldn’t wait to show it off.

Cold Feet

It didn’t take long for the sales to take off and reviews to start pouring in. The reviews and support through emails, Facebook and social networking has been amazing. I really was not expecting such an outpouring of understanding and empathy. To anyone planning a paranormal book launch I would advise building up a network of open minded people very early on. It will help you when you get cold feet at the end. And you will!


I launched at the weekend and the book went live a day earlier than I expected, so I had the luxury of the weekend to spend time making people aware of it. I got up at eight in the morning and worked online until midnight that night, for two days. It was wonderful speaking to people as they began their journey with me, so to speak. I spent several hours trying to work out how to record a podcast involving two of the sounds we recorded. It was really nice to get my voice out there as it feels more personal (even if I cringed listening to it back). I consoled myself that people would most likely be concentrating on the sounds, and I ensured I put a disclaimer everywhere so people knew what they were listening to. Click here for the podcast.

Paranormal Community

It took me a year to write the book. And now another journey has begun – getting my story out there. We hope to add lots more information on our site with regards the case over the forthcoming months, and are happy to be involved in interviews, book reviews, and podcasts. Any help spreading the word is most appreciated. This was a strange and terrifying journey, but I believe some real good can come out of it. The community of paranormal followers truly is amazing, and I for one am grateful for it.


So over to you. Have you read the book? What are your thoughts? Are you planning on writing or launching a paranormal book? Shares, advice and tips are welcome.



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