The Sallie House Haunting

The Sallie House Haunting

The Sallie House Haunting

I came across this book in my quest for answers. Although I wasn’t in love with the paranormal, I devoured books of victim’s accounts on the subject. I wasn’t interested in theories. I wanted to hear from real families that had been through it, how they coped, and if they got help.

Although The Sallie House case was dissimilar to mine, it was a fascinating read.  Debra and her husband Tony attempt to understand the onset of paranormal events in their home, which appear to worsen with the birth of their son. Debra is very honest and initially she believes the ghost may be a ‘spirit child’ in their home. Her husband Tony does not seem so sure, and Debra admits she did not listen to him until much later on, when he was physically attacked.

Nasty Turn

There are moments in the book when Debra welcomed the entity by going as far as wrapping presents for it, having a visit from santa, and including it in the family unit. It leaves you with a very uncomfortable feeling as the game gets out of hand. Things take a nasty turn as the entity displays it’s powers and leaves the family fleeing in fear. 


I really did sympathise with Debra, she admits her attempts to welcome the entity into her home was misguided, but I understand her need to see the best in whatever invaded their lives. When you are dealing with the unexplained, you try to grasp onto hope that everything will be alright. Your mind goes through different scenarios in your head on a daily basis as you try to comprehend it. Fear is a terrible thing, but complacency can be just as harmful. You tend to veer from one end of the scale to the other as it’s so difficult to find any solid answers.


I contacted Debra by email and she came across as a very caring and genuine person. Like all the other victims I have spoken to, she is still seeking answers, and finds comfort in speaking to others about their encounters. I was happy to see she came through the experience with her husband and was able to find peace by moving house. Such an experience is very tough on a marriage, and it is a real testament to Debra that she found the strength to move on and write a book on her story.


The house has it’s own website  and still draws visitors from all over the globe. You can see the website here The site features lots of information on the house, as well as EVP recordings and the house’s history. 

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Have you had your own paranormal encounters? We welcome all comments and shares.



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