Is Paranormal Intruder a Hoax?

Paranormal Intruder a hoax

Is Paranormal Intruder a Hoax?

Type in the name of any paranormal case or famous psychic into a search bar online and you will see popular searches under that heading. For example if you type in ‘Is the Enfield poltergeist’ it will proceed with ‘Is the Enfield poltergeist real’ or ‘a hoax’. I am sure it will be only a matter of time before the same follows with Paranormal Intruder.  I have examined other cases of true paranormal, and it is sad that quite often people label true cases as a hoax with little or no information, or the information is fabricated to such an extent it runs wild on the internet. Any attempt by the author or person involved to set the record straight will usually result in them being treated rudely and shot down in flames, that’s why you will rarely see a response to such claims.


It’s Not Real

Usually the people that state your case is an outright hoax have never met with you, spoke with you, or had anything to do with the chain of events that made you go public in the first place. Someone emailed me once to say I was lying as I had written a book about it so it couldn’t be real. I love books, I always have. I think they are a wonderful way of communication. If I didn’t write my book then nobody would be any the wiser. Can you imagine if everyone did that? It was one of the few questions I couldn’t respond to. I just could not understand their way of thinking.


Yes Paranormal Intruder is a 100% True Story

So here I am, explaining why my case is real and having my say. Let’s start with a list. I love lists almost as much as I love books so here we go.

  • Firstly, it’s not a crazy PR stunt. We wrote the book as we want to get our story out there. I feel the world is changing, albeit very slowly. People are beginning to open up to Spirituality and the fact there may be more to this world than we are aware.
  • Witnesses. The strongest facet to our case. There are over thirty witnesses involved. We have not mentioned them all in the book as I felt the accounts given were enough. Have you noticed that our witnesses have all given their actual names? This is very rare for a paranormal case. Several of  the witnesses work in the police and it is a tremendous show of support to do so.
  • Paranormal Investigators. We never knew Mike, John and his team before this happened. Mike has taped hours upon hours of sounds and phone calls when activity was taking place. They live a very long distance from us (over five hours) yet they felt compelled to attend our home time and time again. If this was a hoax they would not have done so. Three years later we still keep in touch and Mike is currently writing a book on our case.
  • Public embarrassment. The ‘Oh My God what are the neighbours thinking’ moments that I mention in my book. There were many, believe me. Why on earth would I want to put myself through that if none of this is real. I’ve had van loads of investigators set up outside my home with cameras, TV companies arrive, journalists, priests, police and fire brigades. We have ran screaming from our home. We moved out for weeks on end. We did not do this for fun.
  • Professional embarrassment. My job. Do I need to say any more.
  • It is of great importance to me that our story goes public. I hope it can help others, and judging by the fantastic messages of support received so far, it has. Too often people are labelled ‘crazy’ for coming out, but as you can see we are not ‘crazies’ at all. I have also felt it is quite therapeutic, I think it’s akin to some of the very sad stories in the press and bookstores right now, the ‘misery stories’ as they are labelled, of childhood abuse and traumatic events. I just hope one day that victims of paranormal attack can be treated with the same amount of compassion (we are getting there).
  • ‘It’s too hard to believe so it can’t be real.’ Sometimes people just find the stretch of the imagination too much to contend with. I’m not criticising, I totally understand, I found it very difficult to comprehend at the start. But it’s not really a valid reason for saying all of this has been faked in some way. Urine sodden footprints on a carpeted stairs is hard to believe but how do you explain it otherwise? How do you explain the liquid dripping from thin air, witnessed by ordinary everyday people?

If you have read the book and are hungry for more, please have a read of my recent Q & A below, which will hopefully answer some questions. Be warned there may be spoilers if you have not yet read the book. Thank you for reading this post and giving us the opportunity to put our side of the story across. I would also like to add that it is important to remember there is a very strong community of people who believe in the paranormal, it has really opened my eyes and we love hearing from them, so keep the emails and tweets coming!


Q & A With Caroline Mitchell

The paranormal is a very interesting and emotive subject and it is only natural that readers would have questions to ask. Whether it be through forums, emails or social networking, we will try to answer as many questions as we can, while maintaining our privacy. Although it may be very interesting that we are still living in our home, we ask that people please refrain from giving out our home address or phone numbers in discussions online. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and I will attempt to address them all below.



Q.  I was very frustrated to see you didn’t mention any more about the witches coven.

A. I still don’t know there was one, or if that was just here say. I’m very careful not to put the blanket blame on witches as it just seems like an easy way out. I know it’s frustrating when a book doesn’t always give a resolution, but imagine how we feel. We still don’t know what the exact cause is. I did lots of digging but nothing concrete was returned. If I had any proof a coven ever existed on the land I would have written about it.


Q. You say this has been going on for years, you must have a lot of videos and pictures, right?

A. It’s been a few years since the activity began, but thankfully it hasn’t been going on for years, if that makes sense. If you look at the chapters of the book you will see some of them are dated. The first year was very active, but we often had months of respite. It would come for a short while then disappear again. I didn’t write about these quiet times as there wasn’t much point, so instead I added dates to the chapters. I also mentioned how difficult it was to video evidence. In the end I gave up trying, so no I’m afraid we don’t. We did take some pictures, some of these I have already shared on social networking sites and some I have yet to share. We were very fortunate to record several sound files, some of which I have already made public. I know people will say ‘that’s convenient’ but that’s just how it is. Ask any paranormal investigator and they will tell you how batteries get drained and equipment malfunctions all the time during investigations. A lot of the time we were so stressed that taking photos or making videos was the last thing on our minds. We also knew our investigator Mike Hallowell was making a thorough investigation of our case, and had that side of it in hand. He is also writing a book our case. Personally I believe the witness accounts are the strongest evidence for our case. It is rare to have so many independent witnesses to one case.


Q. The descriptions of your home don’t sound right, why are the children sharing rooms if you have a five bedroom home, and why do you discuss dog nuts being thrown when you gave the dogs away?

A. We live in a lovely four bedroom home, and have four children, two boys and two girls that share rooms. We have a spare bedroom. It is what it is. We still had dog nuts in the kitchen as we hadn’t gotten around to getting rid of them. I think I always hoped we would get the dogs back eventually, but I also knew it could go either way. To be honest things were so awful at the time dog nuts were the least of my worries. I would also like to mention that this is the first time I have ever written a book and it has been a huge challenge to put all the events into a timeline that people could understand. If I’ve messed up the timeline and made a mistake I’m very sorry.


Q. Had you money worries? Is this why you wrote the book? Is this a way for you to move home?

A. Whoah! A little bit personal but I understand your thinking behind the question. Neil was out of work for a while when his security work dried up. He has always been self employed and there’s no shame in saying we struggled for a while (like most families from time to time) and he worked really hard at trying to find employment and worked in a couple of businesses before finding full time employment, where he is now stable. I’ve always had a good wage in my job, where I have worked for seven years now. To be accused of fraud is something I find quite hurtful, given my occupation, however I know it’s not personal and is just the result of an inquisitive mind. Thankfully we are both working full time now and are settled in our home.  For the record, we own our home. Although there have been times that I would gladly have left, I’m glad we stuck it out. Moving would most likely be pointless and I really love the area where I live, so have no plans to leave.


Q.  The priest says that you couldn’t be exorcised until your first marriage was annulled but it seems they get exorcised anyway?

A. Yes and I’m very glad we did. I probably didn’t make it clear enough in the book. The priests wanted things done properly and said they could only help if we were catholics. It was advised that I go through the annulment process, and plans were made to arrange it. I said I would make enquiries as it would take some time. In the meantime the exorcism was held. I did not go through with the annulment as planned (for my own reasons).


Q. What’s the story on the D08? You brought it up and then didn’t mention it again.

A. Yes, I’m afraid we didn’t have any further information to add. If I was writing fiction it would have been resolved I’m sure, but that’s all we know for now. Perhaps someone will be able to shed some light on it someday. I’d love to hear your theories!


Q. It really bugs me that you made out this was a demon then the next thing you are down the pub with it!

A. It surprised me too. I would never have imagined we would have got to the point where we could openly engage with the cause of our misery. But you need to look at this in context. Again, if I haven’t explained this clearly enough in the book then it is my bad and I’m grateful for the opportunity of being able to clarify it here. Firstly we never said it was a demon. Other people might have, but you will not find any part of the book where we say we know exactly what it is. Secondly, I’ve always had the theory we are dealing with more than one activity / entity / spirit/ call it what you like, and some things that happened seemed comical or playful. Human nature is amazing. When you encounter something over a prolonged period of time your feelings change. You almost get used to it. I know it sounds crazy but it’s very hard to explain to someone unless they have been through it. Don’t forget, my book is all squashed together and that’s the way it had to be written. Think about something dragging over a very long, slow period of time, years in fact. When we got over the worst and we felt safe in the house, we began to reflect on what happened and wanted answers. We were curious but guarded. As Neil said in his account, it was fascinating and very hard to walk away from. In the end he knew he had to.


Q. OK, but I don’t understand why you are still talking to this thing, you are encouraging it!

A. Believe me, we are not talking to it, or having any communication with it whatsoever now. I agree that continuing to dabble in a bid to find answers was very stupid. Looking back, I suppose we felt safer as it wasn’t in the house any more. It’s very hard to explain but it behaved differently out of the home. Perhaps it was just trying to lure us back in, I don’t know. As Neil said, he walked away from it. Things are much better now, and it has brought us closer together as a family. 


Q. I think Lee had something to do with it. Something always happened when he was around.

A. It may be better to read all of the book before coming to this assumption. Lee was scared to death by what happened in the house, and we know he had nothing to do with what happened…think about it, why on earth would he? What would he have to gain? I investigate crime for a living. Lee got hurt during the occurrences. Yes I do think he and Neil and a connection. I think that perhaps Lee’s nervous energy gave the spark to ignite the flame for activity, along with Neil’s past dabbling in the paranormal, the land which had been picked up as having ‘energy lay lines’ by several mediums, and maybe even a dark past to the area we live in. To me it feels as if you need certain elements together to make things happen. Who knows? Lots of things happened while Lee was not present too, and Neil seen things hit him from thin air. The witness accounts at the end of the book should leave you in no doubt of Lee’s innocence, and I would hate for people to blame him when all he did was try to help by being there for Neil when he needed him the most.


If you have any questions or comments please let us know. We will do our best to answer them in a timely manner, as long as they make sense!



  1. I read the Kindle edition of your book. I am a seasoned veteran of the paranormal and the book disturbs me, because of the materialization of objects from thin air. The only experiences that I have had concerning this type of phenomena are in lucid dreams, where I would be standing in a city and coins would be thrown at me from above by an unknown force.These types of lucid dreams really bothered me because I felt that the unknown force was malevolent, so when I read in your book about the physical manifestation of objects, I got the same eerie feelings. This is not to say that your experiences are lucid dreams–I believe they are real wide awake experiences. Some of the other experiences in your book ring true also, for I have experienced them also, such as sensing malevolent unseen forces, smelling obnoxious odors relating to these forces, and being slapped and prodded a bit. Your book is well written and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I admire you and your family for your courage in facing this entity or entities. Your book does a great service to others who have had paranormal experiences.


  2. John thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate your input. The subject of objects materialising from thin air was one of contention between my husband and I as I collated the book. I just wasn’t sure if people were ready to hear about it, and I felt we would be badly slated by sceptics for being ‘too far fetched’, which I could understand as it just seemed so crazy when you thought about it. Neil wanted it all included as he said we had to come forward with everything, even if it left us open to criticism as if we didn’t tell our story in full, how would anyone ever find out that these sort of things can occur? He felt it was very significant and I am glad we included everything, even if it has earned us some negative comments / reviews on Amazon from people who just can’t accept it as truth. Perhaps one day as people come forward paranormal events will be more widely accepted, but as he said, you have to start somewhere.
    I found your theory very interesting, the paranormal seems to raise many more questions than it answers, which can be frustrating at times. Hopefully we will keep moving forward and maybe one day the answers will appear. In the meantime, many thanks for your positive comments, they are much appreciated.


  3. Hi,I’m half way through your book and I was just wondering in chapter 9 you stated you gave your dogs away and afterwards contacted Mike Hallowell.Yet in chapter 11 Neil gets dog nuts thrown at his head.He says he had just levelled them out that morning?Why would he do that if you had no dogs anymore?Can I also say he contacted Mike after this incident so it couldnt have been before you knew Mike.


    1. Hi James and many thanks for reading our book. I cannot emphasise enough how difficult it was for me to write our story. Essentially, I had to document three years worth of numerous occurrences (many of which did not even make it into the book) into something which was readable, followed a start, middle and end, and made sense. I had no idea just how hard it was to write a book like this until I did it myself and I certainly gained a new respect for anyone who has followed writing a book through until the end, as there were many times I felt like giving up. One of the major headaches I had was writing the timeline. Although we often kept notes, it was not written in a diary fashion, and as you can see from the story, sometimes I was not present when Neil experienced paranormal attacks. This meant sitting down with everyone involved and making copious notes, ensuring we stayed true to our story and recorded the experiences that stood out the most. The part of the book you make reference to did occur, but unfortunately is out of sync, as you pointed out. I do plan on rewriting the book to correct the minor flaws, but on the whole I am pleased we captured the essence of our story without having to exaggerate it in any way. Thankfully the witness accounts are a testament to that. Funnily enough the mistakes were not picked up by my copywriters or editors, who I hired myself, to assist with picking up any errors. I put it down to human nature, and I do hope it doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of the story in any way. I will update on my site when the book has been corrected, and you are welcome to join my Facebook site for updates
      Kind regards


  4. I’m only an hour into the audiobook and already know the entity is of demonic nature. The three taps heard from the entity and the three claw/scratch marks are common in demonology. Demons, as we refer to them, do things in a pattern of three to mock the Holy Trinity.


    1. Hi Chris and many thanks for listening to our audio book. You’re certainly not the first person to reach that conclusion and I’m sure you won’t be the last. At the time we did not realise the significance of things occurring in threes, but it does seem evident there is a reason behind it.


  5. Hi Caroline

    I have just finished reading your book on my kindle and can honestly say it petrified me to the point of struggling to sleep! (Especially the beginning of the book – before the pub chats) I am a 21 year old male and have always had an interest in the paranormal and that is why your book drew me in. I really feel for you and your family, especially Neil who went through a lot and didn’t buckle under the pressure and strain. I admire what you have done to come out on top and I am really happy you took the time to publish the events to hopefully help people in the same situation.

    I wish you all the happiness & peace in the world.



    1. Hi Jordan
      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you as we’ve recently been on holiday. We really appreciate your kind words, and are really pleased you enjoyed reading our story. It’s tough coming out to the world but we’re so glad we did, and our life has changed so much in the last few years, we have been very grateful for all the support we have received from people like you. 🙂


  6. Fantastic read. I read your book having just read “This house is Haunted” by GLP. It must have been hell and im really glad you and your family saw you way through. My self and my Wife had some experiences similar to yours, when we lived in a old house in Canterbury. We also had random objects (typically coins) falling from the ceiling in the living room right in front of us whilst watching the television. At the time it just seemed weird not at all creepy. That was until one occasion we had a fight and as a result i ended up sleeping on the living room floor. Waking up in the night. I felt very scared as if there was something menacing in the room, my heart pounding i flew up stairs to our bedroom where I staid, – fight or no fight-. Something was very strange in that house. I have also seen a ghost of an old security guard who used to work at my place of work. He was sitting at his desk reading a book and I addressed him, “Hi, Frank”. He didn’t respond and i went upstairs to my office complaining to my colleagues that he was a “miserable sod!, he just ignored me”. Only then I found out, Frank had died the previous week. I also had knockings through the ceiling above my bed when i was in my early 20s. I was going through a particularly traumatic time with depression at the time and i believe this was of my own construction. All of these events I know to be real, I was there and only on reflection does it seem odd in any way. When these thing happen they seemed almost too ordinary at the time, but they were in any case hard to believe.


    1. Thanks so much Alan, I really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. It’s all too easy to dismiss paranormal events as imagination, and I am always happy to hear from other people with similar experiences. I wish more people would take the time to comment on my blog, so we could show the world that yes, this does happen, and it’s all very real. Your experiences are very interesting and I totally sympathise. Coin throwing seems to be a common thing with them, as wel as loud bangs and feeling a menacing presence. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and thanks for reading it. Oh, and if you get the opportunity to leave a quick review on Amazon I’d be ever so grateful, it will help balance out the skeptical ones! 🙂


  7. Hi Caroline,

    Just finished the book, only started it this morning which is testament to how engrossing your story was. I’ve read a few paranormal books and this is up there with the best. After reading Ed Beckers ‘a true haunting’, I personally find it easier to tell which stories are genuine, sexed up (probably at the request of publishers) or simply untrue…I certainly believe yours to be the former.

    Similar to ‘a true haunting’, the book reads as though you’re telling the story to a friend. I was surprised to read you were reluctant not to include certain phenomenon at the risk of it appearing to be far-fetched. I’m not sure if you’ve read many other books on hauntings but I find yours to be quite grounded compared to other ‘true’ accounts. No mistake the activity such as objects manifesting, footprints, objects travelling through solid structure etc, are extraordinary but compared to some of the Hollywood esq rubbish you come across in this genre it’s not OTT to the point of being unbelievable. But I suppose that’s come down to the personal belief of the reader.

    Alas, I have a few questions if you don’t mind…

    During the first encounter in the house Lee and Neil had claimed to ‘see it’ whilst hearing the growling from upstairs, I believe they were looking up the stairs at the time. Unfortunately there was no description of what they actually saw at this point in the book. Was this description deliberately left out?

    Looking back do you believe the apparition of the girl you seen in the bathroom was a manifestation of the negative spirit, shown to you with the intent of decieving/confusing you? It also crossed my mind as to whether it was linked to the girl Neil seen whilst working.

    At what point in the book had you started documenting the activity with the intention of publishing it? You mention you had experiences during writing but I wasn’t sure if this was before or after the exorcism?

    Finally (apologies, I’m getting carried away!), you elude to yourself and your family still encountering instances of paranormal activity but on a more manageable level…would you mind sharing what is still happening?

    The above questions are purely for my curiosity.



  8. I came across your book on Amazon and after reading the reviews I wanted it straight away. I have literally only read a few paragraphs and you say you witnessed many things. One being that the entity materialised itself as a complete double of one of the witnesses. I have experienced strange things in my house over the years, but I put it down to me not being quite awake and dreaming, but recently I woke up and saw my husband staring out the window, I just watched him for a minute or two and then moved my leg and hit something and it was my husband lying beside me. Do you think I have ghosts in my house?


    1. Hi Sheena, it’s been great to chat with you online recently, and I wouldn’t rule it out. The supernatural is so mystifying and perhaps one of the most frustrating things is that unlike programmes you see on the TV, it’s very hard to find answers. I wouldn’t rule it out, although my advice is not to give them any attention if you don’t want them there.


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