Deciding to self publish my book

Paranormal Intruder



Deciding to Self Publish

When I began working on ‘Paranormal Intruder’ it was important to me that I get it right first time. Deciding to self publish my book was a decision I did not take lightly. I originally expected to go down the traditional route, but after six months of considering my options I decided to self publish. Three weeks into my launch I’m so glad I did. Here are my reasons why.


It’s always been about having full control. Yes I can be a bit of a control freak. I wanted to keep the name Neil and I chose, we both wanted to pick the cover, decide who was writing our foreword and the layout. We had been through so much together already, it made sense that we would follow through with the book in the same way. I hired my own editors, proof-reader, cover artist and formatters. I owed it to my readers to be as professional as I could be, and doing it myself has really helped me learn about the industry from the bottom up. We also wanted to stay true to our story, and doing it ourselves seemed the best way of doing this.


Normally I’m a quiet person and I have a tendency to keep to myself. Writing this book has been life changing and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I also wanted to make contact with other people who have experienced the paranormal. I know I could have done this if I was traditionally published, but making 70% royalties (instead of industry standard of 15%) on my earnings and knowing all the marketing was up to me was a great incentive to work hard and promote my book. I read somewhere that the minute you publish your book you stop being an author and become a marketer. It’s so true. Speaking to people via social media is an aspect of promoting that I enjoy the most.

Book Shops

I admit it was a dream of mine to see my book on the shelves of Waterstones. However true paranormal is a very difficult genre to break into and as it was pointed out to me, go into any bookshop and it will be a struggle to find it. Amazon has been an excellent way of showcasing my book both as a download and paperback. Download sales are outselling my paperback hands down (so far), although I have spoken to several readers who told me they loved the download so much they bought the physical book for their book shelves. I do that too, there’s nothing like the feel of a read book is there?


Unfortunately I am not equipped with a lot of patience and I just couldn’t wait any longer to have it published. Sending your manuscript for review is brain numbingly slow. After six months I had four requests for my full manuscript which is very good. However the closer I came to a traditional publishing deal the more I wondered if it was right for me. The agents I spoke with told me they loved my manuscript and writing style, but had concerns about the genre. I understood their reservations and decided not to wait any longer while they thought about it. Traditional publishing could take another year. Christmas was looming and I just wanted to get my book out there.


I love Amazon! Self publishing has been a massive learning curve for me and I’ve had to start from scratch. However there are so many guides, blogs and how-to kindle books on the subject there’s no excuse. Once your book is ready and formatted it’s so easy to upload to Amazon. Their customer service is amazing and I love the excitement of checking on my sales to see how my book is doing. I get paid my royalties every six weeks and I love seeing how many books I’m selling in different countries. I still get to hold a physical copy of my book in my hand thanks to Createspace and their print on demand means I don’t have to hold any stock.

Proud to be an Indie Author

I think all writers should self publish a book once just for the experience. It’s truly amazing. I am continuing with my writing as I don’t want to stop here, however my next book is fiction. I would love a traditional publishing deal one day, but right now I am very proud to be flying the flag as an indie author.

Are you thinking of self publishing? Have you any questions, tips or comments? We would love to hear from you.


  1. I love the paranormal. I don’t read books but I love to watch films and documentaries.

    I’m currently writing my first ebook. It’s a zombie survival, but the real thread is tackaling homophobia. There are 6 survivors working together, 2 are gay. When the group finds out they hate them and no longer trust them.
    So despite a zombie crisis and working together, it breaks them apart.

    It’s 280 pages, 27 chapters so far. I’ve been writing it for about 6 months.


  2. Hi Levi and thanks for your comments, zombies give me nightmares but good luck with the book. If you need any recommendations for editors or cover artists let me know.


    1. Many thanks Chris, I’ve really enjoyed the self publishing journey and plan on blogging a lot more about it. Good luck with your book!


      1. Thanks!I have a quick question if you don’t mind. Do you have any tips as far as getting news of my book out in social media? I recently created a Facebook page, and I will probably explore other sites. I was just wondering what tips you may have as someone who has been through the process.

        Thanks again!


      2. No problem at all Chris. I read lots of books on the subject which really helped, such as ‘Platform, get noticed in a noisy world’ by Michael Hyatt. I also listened to podcasts by Joanna Penn, of ‘The Creative Penn’ which I highly recommend to anyone getting started self publishing. Then I built up my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, and make friends with lots of like minded people who have an interest in the genre. It does take time, and I was glad I built up my network well in advance of publishing. It’s also great to have an audience when you launch. And don’t forget Goodreads, it’s like Facebook for authors. Here are some links to get you started.


  3. Thank you for all of this valuable information Carolline. You give me hope *LOL* I finished my book at the end of December 2013 and was raring to go. It’s now the end of March and in my naivety I have spent more than my budget and now have to have the manuscript edited again *sigh*. I gave the final edited version to my daughter who gave it back and said “Mom – don’t go any further until you have someone check for grammar.” Groan – I just did that.

    I feel that this book is my way of ‘coming out of the closet’ and can relate to some of your comments. I’m sure I’ll find out who my friends are and, as well, who is worthy of being embraced in my circle. I’ll still love them all but I’m sure I’ll cut a few loose to happily travel on their own roads so I won’t have to look at the judgement or doubt in their eyes.

    My book is called “Vibrations – A Psychic Journey”. it is a true story of a little girl experiencing profound psychic awakenings in a life filled with paranormal events. I have just opened a facebook author page so if you want to know when it is finally published just ‘LIKE’ the page.

    All my best wishes for tremendous success with your book(s).


    1. Many thanks Tammie for your lovely post, I wish you well with your book and indeed, know how you feel. There is a fantastic supportive community out there, it’s just a matter of finding them, and as you say, allowing the non believers to walk their own paths. I will certainly add your book to my reading list.


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