Is There a Conspiracy Theory?



Coming out with our true paranormal story has been a real revelation to me. Why? Because I had certain pre-conceived notions about the response we would get. I believed we would be vilified for telling our story. But I was wrong. Belief in the paranormal is far greater than you can imagine. So why is it kept such a secret?

Fear of Criticism

People may ask why we wrote our story if there was such a fear of criticism. Let me tell you, it’s something all first time authors of true paranormal fear. But imagine experiencing something amazing, life changing, terrifying, and thought-provoking. Something you thought of every day. Something you were told you could tell nobody about. Do you think you could? Or would those thoughts scratch at your brain so much you would decide to tell people anyway? Of course not everyone comes forward, at least not straight away. Not until they see others step up to tell their story.


We could have just dipped our toe in the water. I could have written about the more believable aspects of our story. Why on earth would I want to make things more difficult for myself by coming out with such extreme occurrences? Because it happened. Because people need to know. Because we might,  just might, make a difference. There has been negative feedback. Our story has been called ‘exaggerated’, ‘hard to believe’ and ‘fiction’ and ‘a load of old tosh.’ People refused to believe our story because it did not fit in with their views of what is paranormal activity. But the big surprise for me is that the negative comments are far outweighed by the positive ones.

Conspiracy Theory

The paranormal community is huge. Far bigger than you can imagine. It’s just not publicised very well. It came as such a surprise to me, I wondered if there was some sort of conspiracy theory to keep it all quiet! After giving it some thought I don’t believe there is, I just think that we have a long way to go before the truth is reflected in the media. But things are getting better, and as long as people keep coming forward, we will present enough evidence to gain more attention in the media. Paranormal books, movies, and documentaries have grown, and TV series like ‘Paranormal Witness’ and ‘A Haunting’ are immensely popular worldwide.


I was recently interviewed by presenter and author Jim Harold. If only there were more shows like his, that specifically concentrate on serious interviews with regards the paranormal. You can listen to the interview here. During our interview he made a very good point, saying that interest in the paranormal has grown so much in the U.S. over the last few years, it’s turned into a social event. Instead of people going bowling, they are now going ghost hunting. More and more people want to experience the thrill of a ghost hunt. So why all the negativity?


It’s not black and white. People don’t either believe or disbelieve. The disbelievers rarely bother to read a paranormal book. Why would you? It’s like saying you are an atheist then reading the bible and leaving a negative review. What would be the point? You also have the sceptics. They are people with a great interest in the paranormal, but they want to be swayed. They want to be convinced. But the problem is, unless they experience it for themselves it will be very difficult to sway them. I totally understand and respect both. But then there are other people who troll paranormal sites and forums, leave bad reviews from multi accounts, and be downright rude to anyone offering a differing opinion to theirs. Nothing will convince them. They don’t want to be convinced. They want to know that no such thing exists. I think it’s fear. I think deep down that they need to know there is no such thing.

Standing Up

Well I’m here to say it exists. I’m here to stand up and say it’s powerful, frightening and is capable of things you cannot comprehend. I’m here to say you can get through it and come out the other side. So how can you do your part? If you have experienced the paranormal then now is the time to share your story. Tell us about it. We can help and advise you. You can also offer support to others. Message them, tweet your support, give them a positive review, a like, thumbs up, anything that gets the message across. We’ve had a fantastic outpouring of support from people all over the world, solders serving in Afghanistan, police officers, people from Australia, Canada, people all over the world. I cannot thank them enough. I’ve had messages that have brought tears to my eyes. To think that all this time we thought we were alone. Your supportive reviews, messages, tweets and Facebook likes mean so much. I love you guys and I truly mean that.

The Journey

So where do we go from here? We have a lot more to share, so keep hanging out with us. We are getting a lot of visitors to our site. While you are here pop your email address in the ‘keep updated’ section on the right hand side of this page. We promise not to spam you or drive you crazy with unwanted emails. But we will let you know when we post something new on our site. And there is lots more to come. This is just the start of our journey.

So c’mon, don’t be shy! Say hello and make some noise. Have you anything you would like to share? Comments are most welcome.

My little disclaimer: We cannot accept any responsibility for any distress caused by reading any of our paranormal articles. Picture: creative commons. 





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