True Paranormal Stories


True Paranormal Stories

It’s February already and 2014 is well underway. I can’t believe how much my life has changed since we released our book into the world in December. I now understand how hard it is for people to come forward with their true paranormal stories. I had cold feet so many times, but I’m glad I did it. There have been lots of comments, good and bad. You find out who your friends are. There are times when you wish you held back, and you wonder if the world will ever fully accept the truth.

Paranormal Occurrences

Do you know what is fantastic? Every day since I launched my new book I have positive contact from someone about our story. Every single day. Whether it’s on Facebook, email, Twitter, a conversation, or through a friend. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that paranormal occurrences are rife in everyday, ordinary families. Nearly everyone knows of someone that has experienced the paranormal, and I want to raise awareness of this. 

EVP Recordings

We need to tell our stories. And you know what? It never gets boring. Today I uploaded my sixth podcast containing some of the many EVP recordings we made during the height of paranormal activity. I shook my head in amazement as I listened to them with my headphones. I shuddered when I heard the growls. I have heard these sounds dozens of times and they still affect me. I held a vote on my Facebook site to ask people what they wanted on my site and everyone voted for more EVP sounds. People want to hear it. 

Negative Feedback

So if you have a story to tell and recordings to hear, get them out there. Lots of Facebook groups have a strictly no bullying policy. Start a blog, get talking. When I launched my blog I was just terrible, every day I checked my Amazon and Goodreads feedback, then I would go on to my stats page of my website. If visit my site from a forum, it shows up on my feed. I used to click on the link ‘out of curiosity’. Well you know what curiosity did. Dozens of comments on my book left me feeling very hurt and upset as people discussed my personal life, called me a liar, and said things that just wasn’t true. They didn’t know me and yet they felt they could say with authority that I wasn’t even a real person. I didn’t want to get into a bun fight. Instead, I posted a Q & A page with polite answers to their questions. But it wasn’t their fault I was upset, it was mine. What the heck was I doing poking my nose into their conversations? Lets face it, we have all talked about people behind their backs at some point. You don’t expect to turn around and see them staring at you after you’ve done it. I laugh at it now. It taught me a valuable lesson. What’s the point in me making myself upset over other peoples conversations. I guess I should be grateful it’s worthy of discussion. I still see the links but I have a strict no-click rule!

Potential For Escalation

That’s not to say that a five star Amazon review doesn’t give me a warm glow. It surely does! But I don’t get upset if it’s not someone’s cup of tea either. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I don’t try to railroad anyone into mine.

We are still having paranormal activity in our home. After all this time, it’s still going on. Not as bad as before thankfully, but it still never fails to amaze me. I’m not as frightened as I used to be, but I know there is always potential for it to escalate to a point where we have to seek help again. I’m pretty sure I’ve burnt my bridges with the church. They were totally against any kind of media attention so I don’t expect a welcome mat if I go knocking on their door. But it’s OK, because I have met people I never knew existed. Demonologists from all over the world, paranormal authors, exorcists from other faiths, and people that are kind enough to pray for you if you ask them. There is a fantastic supportive network of people. You just have to do some digging to find them.


Have you got a story to tell? Have you written a book of your true paranormal encounters or do you provide support? Comments are welcome.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for any distress caused by reading our paranormal blog or if your cat has kittens, sorry!

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