Paranormal Intruder – what happened next

Paranormal Intruder


What happened next.

Lots of people have asked what happened after I finished writing my book. Did the paranormal activity end there? Are we now in peace? Well not quite. In fact lately I’ve been feeling a little uneasy. We have been through the whole roller coaster of emotions as a family. The lows, the highs, and the times when you just don’t know what to feel. We tried to tie up loose ends in our witness account at the back of the book. Neil described how the entity made a last show of strength before flinging chairs at him. At least we hoped it was a last attempt.


Launching the book proved to be a wonderful distraction. Publishing, marketing and making new contacts have been the order of the day, as well as running a household, looking after the family and working full time. It’s no wonder we didn’t give much thought to the entity that plagued our lives for so long. But every now and then he would make his presence known, sometimes more than others.

Paranormalintruder fire

Car Fire.

One of the biggest things that happened after the exorcism was the car fire. I’m not saying the entity was responsible, it could have been bad luck. But in the words of a colleague ‘I’ve never met anyone with as much bad luck as you!’ When the incidents first began, mysterious knocks and bangs would come from the boot of the car, as if someone was trapped in there. Scurrying sounds could be heard as if there was a nest of rats inside. Eventually the car broke down and the engine mysteriously died. I can accept this happens to lots of people and may not be paranormal. But he bought another car and had similar problems, and his brother reported his own car losing power, once on the motorway. One day Neil drove his car home from the garage after getting it fixed, when it blew up in a fireball in the middle of a busy town. He noticed the flames and jumped out just in time. He was lucky to escape with his life. Coincidence? Maybe, but these ‘coincidences’ sure are building up, and it was a diesel car which should not have just burst into flames. 

Fork Bending.

Last Summer Neil took a much needed break abroad with his friends. They all knew about our experiences. As Neil looked down, he noticed his fork had bent in half. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he changed his fork and said nothing. His friend returned from the buffet. As he sat at the table he was much more vocal when he discovered his fork, which he had just brought to the table, had been bent in half also. As he showed the others, they erupted in a cry of ‘you’ve brought the bloody ghost on holiday with you!’ Very strange indeed, considering he was in Spain.

Paranormal intruder clothes

Flurry of Activity.

Recently we have experienced a flurry of activity. Household ornaments moved, furniture shifted from it’s original position, and more concerning, strange scratching noises at our living room door when there was nobody there. One night I awoke with a strange feeling someone was in the room. I peered out, and seeing nothing, went back to sleep. The next morning Neil awoke to find his clothes zipped and buttoned up, and even the buckle done on the belt of his jeans. I allow Jack, my adorable poodle, to sleep in my room now. Sometimes he growls in the night, but at least I am alerted if anything happens, and the entity made it quite clear in the past it did not like dogs.

Phone Calls.

We have received some more phone calls from an unknown number, and last night we were awoken by his telephone ringing. Neil answered, wondering who would be calling at a quarter to one. I leaned in to the phone to listen also. A slow growling noise responded, following by a very strange sound that is difficult to describe, but familiar. We turned the phone off after that.

Love and Light.

Thankfully it’s not all the time. We can go for many weeks without any activity. We are also coping much better than before. We have a lot of support and know not to give the occurrences our attention. We don’t talk about it, and treat the book and my blog as an entirely different subject, almost as if it’s happening to someone else. I feel very strongly it’s about how you handle your focus and your energy, and every now and again I will say a prayer in the house to ask for love and light, and make it clear negative energies are unwanted. We don’t know what the future holds, but Neil and I are very happily married and feel that together, and with the support of all our followers, we can face anything.


Comments and shares are most welcome. Have you experienced the paranormal? Have you any suggestions? Please visit our Pinterest site for pictures of our paranormal activity, and our Evidence page for lots more. You can read the full story of our experiences here.


  1. Surely there must be someone who can help you, i dont think its right that you have to live this thing whatever it is.I hope you can find the answers, bless you all


  2. What you’ve been through is nothing short of incredible. I’m so glad that you and Neil have each other for support. I’m hope these difficult experiences have made your family stronger than ever.


    1. Thanks Annie, in the early days I wondered if we would come through it at all. Not knowing what was ahead of us was the scariest thing of all, along with not knowing where to turn. Thankfully we are a very close family with lots of support. I feel very sorry for those that undergo paranormal experiences with nowhere to turn, and I hope this book is a small comfort as they realise they are not alone.


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