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Paranormal Photos

I have something very exciting to share with you. A paranormal photo taken at the height of paranormal activity, when Neil photographed a strange claw/footprint on our stairs. But it didn’t come out as a footprint, it came out pictured below. The original photo has been checked independently with specialist software. There is no camera trickery, alteration, or error. No specialist lens were used and the photo was taken several inches from the stairs. This photo has been mentioned in the book as a possible vortex, or portal from which the supernatural entity travelled from their dimension to ours. Note the small white light on the bottom right hand corner. Could this be an actual vortex?

Paranormal picture

Our Worst Days

Sometimes I look back at photos of our worst days and I can hardly believe what happened. One day when things got tough, we took the family out for an ice cream. It breaks my heart to see the photos we took that day as Neil and I look so stressed, with red rimmed eyes that betrayed the fact we were getting little or no sleep, and were no further on in finding help.

Ghost Hunters

It’s a great relief to know that we are now coping with whatever life throws in our way. Reading through the reviews of our book, many people just can’t understand how we could be so fascinated by something that caused us so much terror. I guess it’s something about human nature that is always seeking answers. Ghost hunters do it all the time. Watch ‘Most Haunted’ and you will see the investigators run away, then turn back and investigate the source. Although our book reads almost like a novel, it’s worth bearing in mind it’s the first book ever written by an ordinary family trying to explain something extraordinary. There’s no satisfactory endings, and yes, paranormal occurrences are repetitive. Thankfully most reviewers understand this and their support is much appreciated. 

Encouraging a Demon

I received a very interesting email from a person who accused us of some terrible things, neglecting our family by encouraging a demon in our home, who came straight from the pits of hell. I found it interesting that this person was able to tell us what was in our home, without ever having stepped foot in it. But the comments came from a place of concern and I respect that. To me it’s all about perception and beliefs. If you are brought up to follow a certain religion or follow a certain set of beliefs, does that make it true? Will we ever find answers? I think it’s unlikely in this lifetime. But paranormal photos certainly give us something to think about along the way.

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  1. I was shocked beyond belief that the catholic church would have refused to help you if you had not been catholics! Their ability to cast out demons was given to them by Jesus himself for the benefit of all people, regardless of which religion they follow. Where would you have turned if you werent catholic?


    1. Many thanks for your comments Debby, yes it came as a shock to us too. I’m sure not all priests are the same as my mother spoke to priests in Ireland who stated they would have gladly helped, so perhaps it’s down to the individual. It certainly does beg the question, where do people go if help is nowhere to be found. This is why it’s important to get the word out there and make such experiences more widely known.


  2. Very interesting photo of a possible vortex. Thanks for sharing your expertise… and experiences! I think people tend to be so set in their ways, they don’t always open their minds up to activities that are happening all around them. I hope you continue the work you’re doing, because you are reaching new people (like me) every day!


    1. We’re so pleased to have reached so many people, it is beyond what I ever imagined. I love nothing better than hearing from people who have been touched by our story.


  3. I just finished your riveting book. OMG! What an experience. I don’t know how you and your husband didn’t get PTSD from it. I had a brief terrifying episode myself, but nothing like yours. I can’t imagine how I would have survived with all you went through for so long.

    I have read quite a few books in the last couple years about similar experiences and repeatedly found the Church or priests within the Church reticent to do anything. Not always, but often. Jesus drove out demons. It’s part of the gig! I am so glad they finally came through and life became better. I’ve read recently that they are assigning exorcists to each diocese in the U.S. I hope it would be the same the world over.

    Anyway, bless you. Pease keep writing! You are really a wonderful writer.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it’s one of the loveliest I have received. It’s a wonderful idea to have people more receptive to victims of paranormal attack in the church. I’m so glad you enjoyed my writing, and given your own experiences you can truly empathise. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be kept updated on further books and giveaways 🙂


  4. Hi. I just bought your book and just started reading it. As far as the “vortex” photo above, what is in the middle of it? It looks like a crochet design. I’m trying to put this into context in my mind; were your stairs the design of the fabric looking stuff in the middle, or is that something else entirely? Thanks.


    1. Hi Angela
      Many thanks for buying our book. We don’t know for sure what the picture is, but it was a suggestion given to us by our investigator that makes sense. We have also had other mediums pick up that there is a ‘vortex’ in our home. I know it sounds like something out of a Doctor Who episode but we’re always open to suggestions. The carpet is just an ordinary cream carpet, and the photo was taken with an ordinary lense. There does appear to be some sort of a pattern but we’ve taken separate photos of our stairs and it’s never come up like that before. Interestingly, there is a small white dot to one side also. We have had the photo tested and no faults have been reported.


  5. i did find it quite sad that as in films there is usually some sort of happy ending or they at least manage to stop the paranormal activity and by the end of your book it has calmed down considerably but I suppose there must be that worry that at some point it could get worse again. I think people should salute you and your family for what you have all been through, none of us know what we would do unless we are in that situation ourselves, I for one don’t think you could have done anything different and it’s great that you are bringing it to people’s attention as I doubt people would know who to turn to or what to do if it happened to them.


    1. Thanks so much Sarah, people can be quick to judge, but as you say I don’t think we could have done anymore. Yes it’s always at the back of my mind if I’m honest. I try not to dwell on it, I think that’s the time it would creep in. I’m very grateful for all the support we’ve received over the years. xx

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