Paranormal Intruder – The Audio Book Recorded In A Tardis


Paranormal Intruder – The Audio Book Recorded In A Tardis

This week we launched our book, ‘Paranormal Intruder’ as an audio book, and we are delighted to be bringing our story to a whole new audience. As big Doctor Who fans, we were very excited to find our book was being recorded in a tardis! Read about the process in our interview with our fantastic producer and narrator Shiromi Arserio.

How did you get into narrating?

Gosh, I’ve always wanted to be a narrator, I just didn’t know it. I remember as a kid reading those ‘choose your own adventure’ stories, and I would have a tape recorder to record all my choices, and create my own audio books. I’ve been an actress for many years and moved into voice acting about seven years ago. I wanted to do more character work, so I began taking workshops for audiobooks and video games, which just so happened to be around the same time that Audible started ACX.

What’s the best and worst thing about being a narrator?

I love creating characters, thinking up accents and voices, and delving into the world of the author. Creating an audiobook is like performing a mini-movie or a one-woman show, and I just love that. I suppose the worst part for me is editing. Even though I edit out mistakes as I record, it’s still time-consuming. I would love to hire an editor for all my audiobooks, but alas that’s not always feasible.

Who are your favourite authors?

Neil Gaiman is one of my favourites. I love the way he manages to traverse genre. I like Ira Levin’s work. I have reread Rosemary’s Baby so many times, it’s ridiculous. I’m also a bit scifi fan and I enjoy authors like Asimov, Bradbury and Heinlein. But really, there are so many authors I love, and doing audiobooks lets me discover new ones.


How did you feel about narrating Paranormal Intruder?

My biggest concern was with the performance. I was very nervous about being properly able to capture you, Neil and all your friends and family who populate the book. It is one thing to capture the world of an author, and quite another when that world consists of real people in quite harrowing situations. I love a good ghost story. My all time favourite horror movie is Poltergeist, and although I would never want to have an encounter with the entity, I was actually very excited to be able to tell your family’s story.

What advice would you give other authors wishing to have their books narrated?

That’s an interesting question. I suppose first, really think about what scene(s) you want to include in the audition. Does it feature the main characters? Is there a particularly emotional scene? Or an accent? Those might be the best choice for an audition. I would also suggest rather than waiting for auditions to come in, be proactive and actually listen to narrator demos and see if you can find the right fit, which is how you and I met. At the time you contacted me I was busy wrapping up another audiobook and I might not have seen the audition listing for Paranormal Intruder.

What do you look for when considering a book for narration?

Honestly, I look for something I know I will enjoy. You spend so many hours with a book, often reading it through 2-3 times, that it has to be something I like. I try to look for books that are well-written, and, if the project is royalty share, I look for authors who are proactive with marketing, because unless you are talking about a narrator like Jim Dale, people don’t tend to buy audiobooks based on who is narrating.

I love that you narrate in a tardis, tell us a little about that.

Well, I live in a house with hardwood floors, and at the time I had a very high energy dog, neither of which is conducive to audio recording, so I knew I had to build a booth. Rather than have a big ugly box in my living room, we decided to build one ourselves and decorate it like a TARDIS since we’re huge Doctor Who fans. Building the booth itself was easy, but it took a long time to do the TARDIS finish, making the signage, the windows, etc. It does make me smile though. How many people can say they go to work in a TARDIS?

Have you got any upcoming projects to share?

Actually, no. For the past three months I’ve been working non-stop on audiobooks, so this is the first time I’ve been able to take a breather. I get to finally catch up on my marketing, and start promoting some of the projects that have come out these past few months. It’s a bit of a relief to take a break, although part of me is already itching to start work on the next project.

Where can we find you?

My website is You can listen to my all of my demos there, and I recently started a blog where I can talk about the projects I’ve been working on, as well as the world of voice acting in general.


Paranormal Intruder is now available as paperback, ebook download, and now audio book on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Find out how you can get your hands on a free copy here. Do you love audio books? Are you considering producing one? We would love to hear from you, please leave your questions and comments below.




  1. What a cool experience! First of all, it is so great that you were able to narrate your own audio book… but then, to do it inside of a Tardis! I love it.


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