Deadly Suspect – My First Fiction Novel

Deadly Suspect

I have neglected my blog lately but I have a good excuse, I’ve finished my first fiction novel, ‘Deadly Suspect’. Life has been hectic since the release of ‘Paranormal Intruder’ in December 2013. I’m still working full-time, bringing up a family, and writing in my spare time as well as trying to keep up with all the social media sites to promote my existing book.

Little Choice

It has taken me almost a year to write ‘Deadly Suspect’ but I’m very pleased with the final outcome. It’s nothing like Paranormal Intruder – but then again, how could it be? I had very little choice when it came to writing our true story. Writing fiction has been quite an eye opener and I’ve been like a child in a sweet shop choosing the characters I wanted to spend a year writing about. I have learned from my experiences and combined my knowledge in the paranormal and police to produce this book which I describe as a supernatural crime thriller.

Head Space

I hope I have done my characters DC Jennifer Knight and her sidekick Will justice. I admit to having fallen in love with them a little over the last few months, which is not unusual given the considerable time they have spent occupying my head space! It’s coming near to the time where I let my little fledglings out into the world and it’s a nerve-wracking experience. I just hope my readers enjoy reading about their adventures with the supernatural as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

What’s Next

I would love to write a second edition of ‘Paranormal Intruder’ and add another chapter to bring it up to date. I also have lots of EVP sounds to go through and add to my site. I would love to pick up my podcast again and make some more episodes, as well as spending more time marketing and talking to people about my story. I also want to start plotting my next book, and of course market ‘Deadly Suspect’ when it hits the bookshelves. I guess I just have to be patient and do one thing at a time. I used to get quite stressed about not being able to get to everything done, and unfortunately I left my wonder woman cape back in Ireland on my last visit! I’ve managed to combat the stress by redecorating a room into a study for writing. The kids know it as my ‘quiet room’ so at least I get some peace while I write … for a little while anyway.

Sporadic Activity

I get a lot of people asking me how things are now, and I have posted on my site to bring things up to date since the book was written. Activity has been sporadic. We often have weeks pass with no activity at all and then something odd occurs. Sometimes doors open and close by themselves or items move by themselves. It has been slightly more active recently but I put that down to us redecorating, it always provokes a reaction. To be honest Neil and I are so busy we don’t have a lot of thought to give to such things as we get on with our lives. You give your strength to something when you focus on it, so I’m focusing on much more positive things these days.


I love hearing from you. Have you any questions or comments you would like to add?


  1. Hi Caroline! Congrats on finishing your first fiction novel. I love the title ‘Deadly Suspect’. Very intriguing! I’m definitely interested to check it out. Any idea when it will be hitting the shelves?


    1. Hi Annie,
      I’ve finished the manuscript and if I had my way it would be released today, but it takes time and has to have a final polish, proofread and be formatted before it is ready. I will be announcing its release here and on my Facebook site when I have a date, so make sure and subscribe as we will also be giving out free copies in our launch competition.


  2. Hi Caroline, are you self-publishing you new book as well? My manuscript is being considered for traditional publication at this time. But if for some reason they decline to offer me a contract, I very much want to self-publish through Outskirts Press. What is your opinion on that? Is self-publishing worth the work? Tess


    1. Hi Tess and welcome to my blog. My new book is out on submission at the moment, so I am keeping my options open. I highly recommend self publishing if you have exhausted all other avenues. Traditional publishing is a long and time consuming process, and it is always worthwhile to seek the opinion of an independent editor who can assess your work and give you an honest opinion whether it stands a chance of publication.
      I have never heard of Outskirts Press until you mentioned it, but I have had a look and honestly, if you do your homework you should be able to do it all at a fraction of the cost. I’m sure they are very good at what they do, but I would advise you take your time, research the market, build an audience before you publish (on social media) and learn how to self publish yourself, without paying an outside party. You should find all the information you need here on getting started
      Self publishing is a very viable option but you have to put the work in marketing it, although having said that many publishers encourage authors to maintain a visible presence online too. I don’t know your story but I would like to wish you the very best of luck with it, whatever you decide to do.


  3. Hi Caroline, I left my reply on the wrong blog. oops! So I will ask it again here. So are you saying that even though you hired all those freelance people, it still cost you less than $1000.00 to publish your book?


    1. That’s OK Tess. No I’m not saying that at all, I paid professional editors, copy-writers, cover design artists and formatters to assist me with the self publishing process. Many of them are listed in the links page I referred you to earlier. Not everyone goes to that much trouble but I believe that everyone should. As far as I was aware, Outskirts press can do the cover design and formatting, but do not work on any editing or copy writing which are the two biggest costs involved. Correct me if I’m wrong, I only had a quick glance over the site last night when I replied as it was quite late when I seen your question. I’m not criticising the company at all as I have no dealings with them. Perhaps it would be a good idea to speak to other authors directly who have had dealings. I’d love to hear how you get on whatever you decide to do 🙂


      1. Thanks so much for replying and helping me out with this. I did read your book and I liked it. I wish it would have been there when I was going through my haunting ordeal, of which my book is about. I already did hire a professional editor and had that done, it helped a lot. I just pray that the publisher who is evaluating it as we speak, decides to take a chance on me and publish it. However if not, I do plan on doing it myself. I have had 2 offers so far but I did not like the contracts so I passed. Thank you again for your help. Good luck with this new book, I’ll look for it.


      2. Thanks Tess, if you would ever like to chat in private please email me at
        I’d love to hear all about your book when it is published, it is great that we can help others by coming forward with our own story. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.


      3. Hi Caroline, I will remember you and yes I’d very much like to “talk” to you someday. I will let you know about how it is going for me and when my book will be out. Whether it is via traditional or indi published. Thanks again for everything!


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