Followed By An Entity

Followed By An Entity

What I am about to tell you requires an open mind. There are times I struggle to comprehend being followed by an entity, and I see it first hand. If you have read our book then you will already know that our ‘haunting’ occurred outside our home as well as in it. I completely understand that people find it hard to believe and I’m not trying to convert anyone, but we have been completely transparent so far and I’m not going to stop now.

Not Alone

We have discovered that when we go on holiday we are not alone, as our uninvited guest seems to come with us too. I posted previously about my husband Neil going away for the weekend with his friends to Costa-Del-Sol, when they were eating at the table and discovered their cutlery bending as they were using it. I was shocked to see it happen again.



While in Turkey with two of our children, we were sitting in the resort restaurant, enjoying the all-inclusive dessert. It was a lovely resort, and nothing seemed amiss. I was chatting to Neil and as he slipped the spoon into his mouth, then pulled out the spoon and looked at it comically. ‘Look what’s happened to my spoon!’ he whispered. Laying the dessertspoon on the table, we both gasped. The thick heavy spoon was curved completely out of shape. Rifling through my bag, I grabbed my iPhone and quickly snapped two photos before unaware staff cleared the table. I was very tempted to bring the spoon home but was conscious that it would amount to stealing, and I don’t think they would have accepted the explanation I was likely to give them should I be caught smuggling it out of the restaurant!



SpoonAs you can see from the picture, another dessert spoon is placed beside it for comparison. The cutlery was not light or flimsy either, it would have been very difficult to bend. We were surrounded by waiters, people, and it was a very busy area. The spoon was normal when he picked it up and bent seconds later. Neil was also scratched three times during our holiday, twice when he was entering the sea for a swim on his upper thigh. He was only just getting into the water at the time and the water had been up to his knees.

Strange Phone Call

There was another strange incident which unsettled me. I don’t know for sure if it was paranormal but it bugged me enough to keep me awake that night. Our resort was very large and after attending the evening show with the children, I was unable to find Neil at the bar as he had decided to give it a miss. I hate using my mobile on holidays but he had the room key so I quickly rang his phone to find out where he was. It answered and his voice spoke on the other end. There was a lot of strange background noise which is hard to explain, but I started talking and the voice responded saying ‘AlNeil … AlNeil … AlNeil’ three times. It creeped me out a little, and when the voice did not respond to my questions I hung up the phone. The thing is, it sounded exactly like Neil on the phone. I then bumped into him and he knew nothing about the call, although it registered on his phone. We had not been drinking either, by the way so I can’t blame intoxication. I don’t know what it was and perhaps there was an innocent explanation for the phone call but I guess it’s worth mentioning in case anyone has any answers. Thankfully the rest of our holiday was uneventful, and things have been fine in the house upon our return. I can’t help but hope we have left our ‘guest’ in Turkey but I doubt we will be alone for very long.



Have you got any questions observations or comments? Have you ever experienced anything like this? We welcome all (non abusive) feedback.Β 


  1. Hi Caroline,

    I have read your update, which in turn made me shudder. The bending spoons and phone call left me a little incredulous. How you cope with all this I shall never know… Is there any way at all of getting rid of it? Have you heard of the egg-shell technique to protect yourself.


    1. Hi and many thanks for your comments. It’s been going on so long we’re almost desensitised to it. I will certainly look up the eggshell technique you mentioned, thank you.


      1. Hi Caroline,

        like I’ve said to you before, I know exactly how you feel, especially after living in a haunted house for 13 years.
        That heavy-oppressive feeling, of being watched;it’s horrible, however, after a time you become completely desensitized to it.

        On a lighter note Caroline, I’m releasing my very first novel on Amazon round about April. It’s a romantic ghost story set on the Suffolk coast, entitled – Arabella: A Picture of Beauty.

        I shall let you know how it goes!


      2. Thanks, not many people understand that feeling, or how you could grow used to it for that matter. People still ask me how on earth we stay in our home, but if it’s capable of following us then what would be the point in moving?
        Having said that, I don’t see myself living here forever. Things are quiet right now so we’re happy to see how it goes. Good luck with the book by the way, make sure you connect with me on Twitter and let me know how it goes! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Caroline, I’ve read the book and can’t stop thinking about it. Think if this was happening to me I would have died of heart failure or locked up in a padded room. Do you think the entity chose Neil and yourself because you are strong people and able to cope with it? I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story but it has freaked me out πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Laura, we really appreciate you buying our book. We’re so indebted to our readers as we’ve drawn great strength from the support. Honestly, you never know how you’re going to react until something like this actually happens to you. I wish I knew why it chose us, I think it’s been with Neil for some time to be honest, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his messing about with Ouija boards in his youth may have encouraged it. I’d love some answers but I’m doubtful if we will ever get them.
      Take care, things like this are very rare. πŸ™‚


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