Paranormal Intruder – The Video Trailer

The Video Trailer

After experiencing four years of paranormal activity in our home, one of our biggest priorities was sharing our story with the world. As any self published author will tell you, unless you have limitless funding it can be a real struggle reaching new readers after the initial launch.

I had thought about creating a book trailer for ‘Paranormal Intruder’ for some time. It’s not the cheapest method of marketing, and doesn’t always impact directly on sales, but it’s a great way of telling your story in the space of a minute or two. Of course, encapsulating four years of activity and all our emotions into a minute of video is a very tricky prospect – but here it is!

EVP Sounds

I can’t take the credit for its production. Captcha Studios came highly recommended and made the whole process a breeze. I sent them bullet points of what I wanted included, alone with some of our EVP sounds and after a few trial runs, they came up with the perfect video for our story. I’m very pleased with the results and we have already gained a couple of thousand viewings through various social media network sites.

The Spectral Times

I’m also very pleased to say that from the next edition onwards, I’m writing for ‘The Spectral Times’ Paranormal magazine. It’s a great way of keeping readers up to date with our case and finding out about other interesting supernatural occurrences. I was also delighted to discover our story had been given a three page feature in the journal for the ‘Society of Psychical Research’. The SPR was first established in 1882 and has consisted of many respected members in the field of psychic research, so we are thrilled our book has been featured in their journal.


Out of all the exposure we have received in the last year since publication we are most grateful for word of mouth. We would never have made it without the support of our followers, tweeters, listeners, readers and newsletter subscribers. Thank you everyone, you made it all worthwhile.


We love to hear from you! Please add comments, questions and stories.


    1. Hi Louise, I’m afraid not. We didn’t own iPhones when this happened to us, but I find witness evidence by independent professionals to be far more impressive evidence than videos which are hard to believe at the best of times.


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