Bookouture Signs Three Book Deal

Bookouture Signs Three Book Deal

I’m delighted to announce that dynamic publisher Bookouture have signed me in a three book deal for my supernatural crime novels, the DC Jennifer Knight series. I can’t wait to share them with you all. The first is to be released in March 2015, and I’m busy writing the second which is due six months later.

Life Changing

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in the short year since I self published my true story, ‘Paranormal Intruder’. I would never have dreamed that we would find such a fantastic silver lining to our frightening experiences. Being a victim of paranormal occurrences while working as a serving police officer has proved to be a life changing experience. I have been able to put my love of writing to good use, and I finally feel we have turned a corner and won the battle. I cannot thank my supporters enough and I hope you enjoy what 2015 brings.

The official Press Release:

Here at Bookouture Christmas has come early, as we’re delighted to be welcoming another fantastic writer to the Bookouture family! Caroline Mitchell – already a non-fiction bestseller with Paranormal Intruder, the extraordinary true story of her family’s encounters with the paranormal – will have her first crime fiction published by Bookouture in Spring 2015.  The novel, which introduces series character DC Jennifer Knight, sees Jennifer in a heart-stopping race against time to stop a monstrous serial killer known as The Grim Reaper – unaware that he is watching her every move …

Keshini Naidoo, commissioning editor said,

‘I’m utterly thrilled to be publishing Caroline’s fiction – her brand of crime fiction is as terrifying as it is addictive and will captivate readers of Stephen Leather, James Oswald and Peter James.’

Please join us in welcoming Caroline to the Bookouture team!

My Response:

I’m overjoyed to have signed a three book contract with such dynamic Publishers, and proud to call myself a Bookouture author. I hooked up with Keshini Nadoo shortly after she joined the team, and I feel very privileged to be working with such an experienced editor. They say write what you know, and I have combined both my experience in the police and paranormal to produce the DC Jennifer Knight series. I cannot wait to launch the first in the series this Spring, and I hope my readers will enjoy reading her spooky crime busting adventures. We start off the first in the series with a formidable character known as The Grim Reaper. He is sure to send shivers down spines as he breathes down the neck of Jennifer Knight in her bid to protect the public from a killer more dead than alive.


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