Finding Your Superpowers


I have been lucky enough to make contact with many people getting started on the journey of writing. The first thing they always ask me is “How do I get started?” The answer is remarkably simple, you just write.

Dream big, write now

Don’t spend your time worrying about logistics when you could be writing. Dream big, believe in yourself. So what if your grammar is not perfect, it will get better in time. Turn off your television, sit your bum on a chair and write. Set a timer for ten minutes and  write what ever comes into your head. If you run out of words, improvise. Write about food, people you don’t like, the cat next door, anything to get those creative juices flowing. How do you feel right now, what can you hear? Don’t pause, and don’t edit. When your time is up, scan your scribbling. Is there a sentence that screams out to you? Something you would like to write more about? Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see anything straight away, you are engaging in something unfamiliar and you will get better in time.

Writing advice – Be Ready

Always have a notebook and pen to hand. It’s surprising when inspiration takes hold. I’m a great people watcher and sometimes take the train instead of driving. I’ve heard some pretty interesting conversations while travelling by train. It goes without saying discretion is a must. Not all people take kindly to being started at while you write copious notes on their dodgy dress sense or relationship break up. The main thing is to write every day. Have a notebook near your bed, several authors admit to having dreamt their book ideas. Get used to noticing things around you. Keep a journal. Write a blog.

Find Your Superpowers

What do you want to write? What special superpowers do you have? Mine came about in an unusual way. My family and I went through some frightening experiences when our home was intruded by what can only be described as paranormal. This urged me to write about it. It was difficult at first, but as I progressed with my writing it became therapeutic.  I started reading material about other cases and became hooked. I’m now drawn to continue writing in the paranormal genre, as I know how it feels to be part of that world. Discovering your own voice does not have to be quite as dramatic as mine, however the interest has to be there in order for you to develop your very own superpower. Don’t be tempted to write about what is popular if you don’t have a real interest in it, otherwise your words will just sound hollow.

 Read, Read, Read

In order to write well you have to read. Simple as that. In the words of legendary author Stephen King “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” Read everything, the classics and the downright awful. You are the apprentice and if you wish to master your style, you must see how others write. You can find the time, and you will find the time. You don’t need to spend a fortune on books either. Join your local library, download free books on kindle, or subscribe to blogs…like mine (hint hint) for tips and advice.

Are you itching to write? Do you have a blog in progress? Then reply with a link, we would love to hear from you. What tips to you have for writers starting off? How did you find your superpowers?


  1. Wow! This is really interesting! It sounds like you have been through a lot, and writing has helped you get through some of those things. I think writing is a great way to relieve Stress, and gain more knowledge. I’m not the best at writing but i would love to Improve, so I really appreciated your advice to just sit down and do it. Like they say: ” Practice makes perfect.. or close to it”
    If you don’t mind me asking.. What kind of books do you read to help you improve your writing?


    1. Hi Paige
      It’s great to hear from you. I’m actually putting together a post on my book recommendations today, so be sure to follow for the updates. I’ve only just launched this site so I’ve got lots more to come. I agree with everything you said, writing is very therapeutic and the more you write the better you get. 🙂


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