Book Review – The Ghost House

Book Review – The Ghost House

I first came across Helen Phifer’s ‘The Ghost House’ while looking through new publishing imprint ‘Carina’, who publish a variety of books of various genres. Like me, Helen is a member of the police constabulary, and her experience lends a richness and authenticity to her writing.

Annie Graham

The story focuses around Annie Graham, a police officer who is on restricted duties after being assaulted by her abusive husband. After leaving him to start afresh, she agrees to help her brother by looking after his farmhouse while he is away. She finds herself becoming attracted to an old mansion in the woods, which reveals its past in the form of a diary by former resident Alice. While trying to solve past murders Annie is unaware that a present day killer is on the hunt, and she may well be his next victim.

Love Interest

This makes great women’s fiction as there is also love interest in the form of colleague Will Ashworth, and the banter between them reminded me of my own characters in my forthcoming Jennifer Knight series. I also love the cross genre of this book, which ranges between horror, crime and romance. Helen does a great job of interweaving the past and present, and her descriptive narrative really brings you back to the spooky old house of yesteryear. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next in the series, ‘Secrets of the Shadows.’

About the book:

There’s nothing much that scares Annie Graham. Not even the horrors she has witnessed during her years in the police force. When she agrees to look after her brother’s farmhouse, she finds herself drawn to the crumbling old mansion in the woods nearby. But an innocent exploration of the empty ruin and the discovery of the diary of former resident Alice leaves her more than a little spooked. She knows it holds the secrets to a dark past, and she has to find out more.

What was the terrible truth that Alice uncovered? And how could what happened to her over 100 years ago help solve the murders of young women in the town?

Annie needs to stop the serial killer before she becomes his next victim – but the past comes back to haunt her in ways she could never have expected.

Get the book:

The Ghost House

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