Book Review: “Don’t Turn Around” by Caroline Mitchell

“Although drenched in a darkness, this book has a little for everyone.” I had to share this fab five star review for Don’t Turn Around.


Synopsis from  goodreads_logo_140-b533b2204258ee95a93b7c7882d24080

I would like to thank the good peeps at Bookouture for providing me a copy of “Don’t Turn Around” via NetGalley. It was probably one of the most intriguing paranormal novel I have read in a long time.

I have been looking back at my bookshelves and anything I read in the past remotely close to the paranormal has had a heavy fantasy element to it, but then this is my personal library I am talking about here. So, going away from my usual reads, I have to admit that “Don’t Turn Around” was quite a refreshing tale!

This paranormal thriller will take you on quite a roller coaster ride and by the end of it, you will definitely want to pick up the sequel which is probably still a while away from publication.

dontturnaroundD.C Jennifer Knight has a special gift that enables her to have one…

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