The Intel: Caroline Mitchell

An interview with yours truly where we discuss writing, future books, and things that go bump in the night.

Crime Thriller Fella

Caroline MitchellWe love a bit of crime fiction around here —

You’re making that face right now, the incredulous one that says: yeah, I kinda think we get that by now, fella.

But wait, I haven’t finished. We like crime fiction, but we also like a bit of the supernatural. The kind of stuff you can’t explain. Hell, when we were young we collected that magazine, The Unexplained, and we put them in the binders and everything.

Caroline Mitchell’s Don’t Turn Around, the first in her series about  DC Jennifer Knight delivers up more than a splash of the paranormal. Mitchell’s protag receives a personal message from behind the grave, which leads her on a hunt for a fiendish killer.

Caroline is a detective who lives with her husband and children in a pretty village on the coast of Essex and it was her own encounter with an unexplained force that inspired the series…

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