Caroline Mitchell — Interview

My latest interview, a spooky chat about ghosts and ravens, just in time for Halloween.


I have the very great pleasure today to interview Caroline Mitchell who has released 3 books Paranormal Intruder (A non fiction book based on her experiences with the Paranormal) and two fiction novels that are Paranormal Thrillers.

Thank you Caroline for taking time out of your schedule to visit with me today

  1. Caroline you have a following as being a Paranormal writer which tends to be linked to Fantasy.  What first got you into the idea of writing Paranormal Thrillers?

Hi Sean and thanks for having me. I agree what you said about paranormal being linked to fantasy. I often get told by readers that they love the DC Knight series because it’s in a real world setting. I fell into writing in the aftermath of my personal experiences with the paranormal. After I published Paranormal Intruder I had the writing bug and wanted to keep going, but this time…

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