My 1st Bookouture Anniversary


Today I’m celebrating a very special anniversary. On 12th November 2014 I signed my contract with Bookouture to produce my DC Jennifer Knight series. At the time I was nervous, excited, and somewhat unsure about what lay ahead.

DC Knight was a cross-genre series, and excited as I was, numerous worries floated around in my head. What if readers hated my writing? What if things didn’t work out with my publisher? And what if I couldn’t keep up to my promise of producing a new book every six months?

It wouldn’t be easy, working full time and writing to such tight deadlines, but I had a good feeling about Bookouture, and it would be worth sacrificing my days and evenings off to pursue my passion.


Now, a year later I couldn’t be happier. Both books in the DC Knight series were released in 2015, and book three is due out early 2016. Kindle sales have been way beyond my expectations, and reviews have been amazing. Being self published gives you great control, but can be a lonely business. With Bookouture, I get the best of both worlds. My feedback is taken into account and I’m part of a massively supportive team of professionals and authors. I’ve been introduced to some wonderful readers too, all people I’m proud to call my friends. 2015 has been an amazing year for Bookouture, and they deserve every success. I for one, am grateful to have been part of that journey. Here’s to 2016. Who knows what lies ahead.

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