Paranormal Intruder Evidence

Our podcasts discuss our case with some of the many witnesses that evidenced paranormal activity. You can subscribe via the iTunes link on the bottom right hand side of the page or listen to individual episodes by clicking the links below. Please note these are not for children or those of a nervous disposition. We cannot be held responsible for any distress caused by listening to these podcasts. Includes reference to paranormal attack and may include swear words (in context).

If you would like to see further evidence such as pictures of our case please visit our Pinterest page here and see further links here.

Our Book Trailer

Podcast Episode One

Click here to hear of my personal experiences dealing with the paranormal.


 Episode Two

We play frightening EVP sounds – warning, these are not for the faint hearted.


 Episode Three

Neil speaks publicly for the first time about our case (contains a swear word).


 Episode Four

We play some of the more bizarre recordings taken.


 Episode Five

Witness Chris Botragyai discusses his paranormal experiences.


 Episode Six

We play frightening EVP sounds.


Episode Seven

We play two dramatic recorded incidents, as featured in our book.


Q & A With Caroline Mitchell

The paranormal is a very interesting and emotive subject and it is only natural that readers would have questions to ask. Whether it be through forums, emails or social networking, we will try to answer as many questions as we can, while maintaining our privacy. Although it may be very interesting that we are still living in our home, we ask that people please refrain from giving out our home address or phone numbers in discussions online. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and I will attempt to address them all below.

Be warned there may be spoilers if you have not yet read the book. 


Q.  I was very frustrated to see you didn’t mention any more about the witches coven.

A. I still don’t know there was one, or if that was just here say. I’m very careful not to put the blanket blame on witches as it just seems like an easy way out. I know it’s frustrating when a book doesn’t always give a resolution, but imagine how we feel. We still don’t know what the exact cause is. I did lots of digging but nothing concrete was returned. If I had any proof a coven ever existed on the land I would have written about it.


Q. You say this has been going on for years, you must have a lot of videos and pictures, right?

A. We did take pictures, some of these I have already shared on social networking sites and some I have yet to share. We were very fortunate to record many sound files, some of which I have already made public.It was very difficult to video evidence. This occurred five years ago, and we did not have iPhones as we do now. The best we had was a camcorder which frequently went dead. Any paranormal investigator will tell you batteries get drained and equipment malfunctions all the time during investigations. A lot of the time we were so stressed that taking photos or making videos was the last thing on our minds. We also knew our investigator Mike Hallowell was making a thorough investigation of our case, and had that side of it in hand. Personally I believe the witness accounts are the strongest evidence for our case. It is rare to have so many independent witnesses to one case, particularly police professionals.


Q.  The priest says that you couldn’t be exorcised until your first marriage was annulled but it seems they get exorcised anyway?

A. Yes and I’m very glad we did. The priests wanted things done properly and said they could only help if we were catholics. We were both brought up as catholics so that was not a problem. It was advised that I go through the annulment process, and plans were made to arrange it. I said I would make enquiries as it would take some time. In the meantime the exorcism was held. I did not go through with the annulment as planned (for my own reasons).


Q. What’s the story on the D08? You brought it up and then didn’t mention it again.

A. Yes, I’m afraid we didn’t have any further information to add. If I was writing fiction it would have been resolved I’m sure, but that’s all we know for now. Perhaps someone will be able to shed some light on it someday. I’d love to hear your theories! Writing a true story brings it’s own set of challenges. You want to keep people entertained but you have to stay true to the story. I think we have done a pretty good job balancing both.


Q. It really bugs me that you made out this was a demon then the next thing you are down the pub with it!

A. It surprised me too. I would never have imagined we would have got to the point where we could openly engage with the cause of our misery. But you need to look at this in context. If I haven’t explained this clearly enough in the book then I’m grateful for the opportunity of being able to clarify it here. Firstly we never said it was a demon. Other people might have, but you will not find any part of the book where we say we know exactly what it is. Secondly, I’ve always had the theory we are dealing with more than one activity / entity / spirit/ call it what you like, and some things that happened seemed comical or playful. Human nature is amazing. When you encounter something over a prolonged period of time your feelings change. You almost get used to it. I know it sounds crazy but it’s very hard to explain to someone unless they have been through it. Don’t forget, my book is all squashed together and that’s the way it had to be written. Think about something dragging over a very long, slow period of time, years in fact. When we got over the worst and we felt safe in the house, we began to reflect on what happened and wanted answers. We were curious but guarded. As Neil said in his account, it was fascinating and very hard to walk away from. In the end he knew he had to.


Q. OK, but I don’t understand why you are still talking to this thing, you are encouraging it!

A. Believe me, we are not talking to it, or having any communication with it whatsoever now. I agree that continuing to dabble in a bid to find answers was very stupid. Looking back, I suppose we felt safer as it wasn’t in the house any more. It’s very hard to explain but it behaved differently. Perhaps it was just trying to lure us back in, I don’t know. As Neil said, he walked away from it. Things are much better now, and it has brought us closer together as a family.


Q. I think Lee had something to do with it. Something always happened when he was around.

A. It may be better to read all of the book before coming to this assumption. Lee was scared to death by what happened in the house, and we know he had nothing to do with what happened…think about it, why on earth would he? What would he have to gain? I investigate crime for a living. Lee got hurt during the occurrences. Yes I do think he and Neil and a connection. I think that perhaps Lee’s nervous energy gave the spark to ignite the flame for activity, along with Neil’s past dabbling in the paranormal, the land which had been picked up as having ‘energy lay lines’ by several mediums, and maybe even a dark past to the area we live in. To me it feels as if you need certain elements together to make things happen. Who knows? Lots of things happened while Lee was not present too, and Neil seen things hit him from thin air. The witness accounts at the end of the book should leave you in no doubt of Lee’s innocence, and I would hate for people to blame him when all he did was try to help by being there for Neil when he needed him the most.


Q. The book seemed to end abruptly. It didn’t explain what happened after that. Why not?

A. The book could have ran and ran, and I knew I had to stop at some point and give it a proper ending. I wanted my readers to relive the journey with me, it has always been about bringing others into our experiences and I felt the exorcism was a good place to end it from a readers point of view. However I knew people would want to be brought up to date so Neil and I ensured we did that in our witness accounts at the end of the book. I’ve always known how important it was not to make this big announcement then disappear. We have this blog and are very active on social networking sites. Just follow us on twitter and search for the hashtag paranormal intruder (#paranormalintruder) to find out more.


Q. Your paranormal investigator must have collected lots of evidence, where is it?

Mike Hallowell was our main paranormal investigator. He visited our home many times, despite the five hour car journey. He wrote the foreword for our book and experienced paranormal activity like never before. He has countless recordings, EVP sounds and photographs. It is our greatest wish that one day he will release them to the general public.  


  1. Grrr, I cannot access your http://www.trueparanormal.co.uk website!!! I just listened to your first podcast, and wanted to share MY paranormal story with you. In fact, I think it may still be affecting me and my husband. Anyhow, can I not access your site because I am in North America?? If I cannot get to your website, could I write you on Facebook?


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